Concert Report: DEDR 25th Anniversary NYE Party (Iron Cow)

So here we were back at one of Orlando’s great clubs for electronic music…..this time on a NYE…..Iron Cow!
Celebrating 25 years in the music business, Dog Eat Dog Records teamed-up with Essential Freaks to produce this show.
The doors opened around 8PM but first you had to get past Door Hostess Laura to get in. She would closely scrutinize your tickets to this SOLD OUT show to assure they weren’t counterfeit!
The opener, the veteran DJ Jason Brown (USA).
On a show mostly dedicated to Breaks, that’s what he delivered.
Of course the opening DJ only sees an empty dance floor below him.
But in less than 10 minutes of the doors opening, there was already life out there!
DJ Rob-E (USA) was up next and he would go in a different direction with a House/EDM set.
Initially he was playing non-vocal House but then migrated over to vocal selections including three DJ John Summit (USA) tracks, current hit “Legacy“, 2023’s “Human” and 2021’s “Where You Are“.
He had a crowd out there!
Rob-E tells us to look for more House sets from him during 2024!
Tech board was operated by DJ Mathew Scot (USA) and DJ Atnarko (USA).
One of the highlights of last night’s show was NLP in the club. Taking us back to their shows at Suite B Lounge and Vixen Bar, DJ Matrix (USA) is seen here flanked by DJ J-Dub (USA) and DJ Supagroover (USA).
Supagroover began their one hour joint set.
Mostly Breakbeats, of course.
The crowd was thrilled to see NLP in the house after all these years!
J-Dub was up next.
He was so animated!
Dance floor got crowded!
Jayme of 8MM Photos was sharing photo duties!
Of course you can’t have a NLP show without MC MB (USA). She was spotted here introducing her main squeeze…..
DJ Matrix (USA)
Definitely took us back!
As the dance floor became “wall-to-wall”.
The DEDR Logo store was doing a brisk business.
Although we can’t be sure if the shoppers were there for the tee shirts or for these two Ladies!
Spotted by the foyer: DJ Si-Dog (USA), DJ Keith Mackenzie (USA), DJ Zak Davis (USA) and DJ FACTORe (USA).
We ran into so many peeps last night. Some we knew and some were new!
You know it’s a great event when World Famous Shawn Fenn is in the club.
Spotted in VIP: Club Dancer Kriss Reign visiting with DJ Flurk (USA) and illDJChris B (USA).
Close to 11PM, Chicagoland’s DJ Keith Mackenzie (USA) taking over.
He would play lots of Classic Dance hits we used to hear on 95.3Party such as “Fine Day“, “You’re Not Alone” & “Show Me Love“.
So many Top 40 songs around the turn-of-the-century were Breaks!
Fun happening on every square meter of the dance floor!
Things were going down backstage too!
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right!
Dance floor mayhem!
Spotted backstage: DJ Si-Dog with Mariah.
Si-Dog would take us into the new year.
Only had a 20-minute set but did not disappoint!
Dance floor remained crazy.
And packed to the rafters!
And then as the magic hour approached, Rob-E gave us the countdown to the new year…..
Shortly after midnight, Stanton Warriors (GB) took control.
Lots of what we would describe as Classic Breaks in his set.
Stanton Warriors are a British DJ and production duo consisting of Dominic Butler (pictured) and Mark Yardley. At least in the U.S. market, we normally just see Dominic performing.
Those looks you get from great Breaks!
Following last weekend’s mostly-Breaks show at Jimmy Joslin’s birthday party, a Breaks stage in November at EDC-Orlando and now this, Breaks are definitely alive!
More peeps!
Voted “Best Dressed” in the club last night.
Dorsey & Carl
Spotted backstage just prior to his 1:05 AM set: DJ Magic Mike (USA) with his bride, Que Peace.
And he would come on strong with Breaks & Electro, accompanied with some Scratchin’.
We heard some Top 40 remixed to Breaks as well.
In this corner, Rose was into a Dance-Off with Amy!
While in this corner, this chick was doing those robot-moves!
As 2AM approached, the dance floor remained jammed!
DJ duo Essential Freaks (USA) were up next. We had met them at their Breaks event at The Nest in St. Petersburg this past September.
Tag team set with Zak Davis up first.
Followed by FACTORe.
2AM and a few had departed but mostly not!
Under the shiny disco ball, the floor stayed occupied!
A great show in a great venue! HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! Thanks for following Orlando Entertainment News. A good time was had by all.