EDC Orlando – Day 3

After Day 1 ends my thoughts are always like “I can’t possibly do this two more times!” After Day 3, it’s like, “Why isn’t there a Day 4!?” We began our visit to Day 3 of Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando at the amazing kineticFIELD main stage where GA had a small crowd but the VIP fans had yet to arrive.
DJ Baggi (NL) opened over here; we had seen him at EDCO back in 2017.
Where we had practically lived at the Anniversary Art Car stage on Friday & Saturday, this was our only Sunday visit.
DJ Taylor Cade (USA) going House on us.
Whenever there is a large Trance event in Orlando, we typically see Miami-based DJ Luccio (USA) doing the opener duties.
After two days of no Trance, it was so great to hear some yesterday at stereoBLOOM as that stage went completely Dreamstate Trance!
Luccio is one of the best!
At the Rynobus Art Car stage, the opener was DJ Dmoney (USA).
This stage was all Breaks yesterday and that too was wonderful to hear.
DJ Dave London (GB/USA) played next at the Rynobus but somehow we missed it! We did catch him with a friend backstage at kineticFIELD later though.
Every year Insomniac holds a DJ contest called Discovery Project where the winner gets to play a festival on one of their main stages.
This year’s winner was DJ Hypernaut (USA) and his mostly-House set was brilliant. Very deserving.
Of course when you have the opening set, not that many have arrived yet to hear it. But this guy definitely has potential to move to the next level.
Back to kineticFIELD to hear DJ duo Gem & Tauri (USA).
Both fairly short, they were difficult to see, lol. But their House set was dominated by female vocals which made it quite unique.
Back at the Rynobus, DJ ekb* had taken control.
Joined here by Jeff Mars, the two are based in Seattle. We had met them earlier this year on the dance floor during Miami Music Week so it was great to actually witness her enthusiastic playing.
Lots of dance acts played through.
Egyptian Lover routine?
Shift change!
Miami-based DJ Merlyn (USA) up next.
Mostly 45-minute sets at this stage last night so one never got bored.
Before you knew it, more Breaks from DJ Stylus (USA).
We were distracted by Helen Stylus though.
The dancing down on the tarmac had started too!
As some of you are aware, our SD card was somehow corrupted yesterday so many pics were taken via cell phone. Great to see so many peeps from the Florida dance scene!
The black & white checkerboard look was huge during EDC this year. If this continues, it will be added to our Festival Fashion Guide next year. Be on the lookout for this trend.
DJ Lee Coombs (GB/USA) had taken over!
It was hard to ever leave this stage when the lineup had one popular artist after another!
When I heard the voice of MC Marybeth (USA) announce NLP-style music was next, it brought joy to my ears. They were a part of Orlando’s dance scene for so many years!
Music brought to us by DJ Matrix (USA) and DJ Supagroover (USA).
Next stop, circuitGROUNDS.
House set from DJ Alesso (S).
Some EDM too!
We were wondering if there was a larger crowd Sunday night than Friday night because it was absolutely packed out there!
Over at the mainstage, DJ Fisher (AUS) was now on.
We’ve seen him before and he is just sooo animated. You can tell he really enjoys these concerts!
Songs like “Satisfaction” and his own “Take It Off” and “Losing It” were just some of the songs he played last night! He gave the crowd what they paid for!
Classic Fisher rear shot!
We couldn’t remain away from the bus for long! We had missed the Prophecy (USA) set due to heavy traffic at the Fisher stage but made it back for the end of DJ FactorE (USA). Breaks-oriented, of course, but a lot of House and Classic Dance too.
The crowd had grown here too.
At half-past 7PM, a back-to-back set from Chicago-based DJ Keith Mackenzie (USA) and…..
Raleigh-based DJ Mizzo (USA)
With vocals provided by MC Sporty-O (USA).
And they went full-blown Booty Breaks on us!
The beats drew passers-by, wanting to know what the hell was going on here!
The dance floor went crazy!
The dance floor here was the proverbial “off the chain”!
Next stop, stereoBLOOM for some more doses of Trance.
A set from DJ MaRLo (AUS) had sadly just ended but we just can’t be everywhere!
But wow, look at the crowd here!
For the Trance legend…..
DJ Paul Van Dyk (D).
Comfort Trance!
Always great to see this guy!
Peeps after dark.
But next we had to get back to the Rynobus! Take DJ Rob-E (USA)…..
Mix with DJ Dave Gluskin (USA)…..
And you’ve got Audiotrap (USA).
Last night, Dance Singer Jamie Blue (USA) provided vocals for us too!
Somehow we missed the set of the legendary DJ Huda Hudia (USA) but we did run into him with the always-stunning Mrs. Huda, Ashleigh, in the pit at circuitGROUNDS.
One last visit here for the night. Brilliant visuals and a packed crowd!
DJ San Holo (NL)
He is so lively every time we’ve seen him play; the last time at Plaza Live.
Back then his big hit “Light” was being played on all Dance stations!
So we ended our evening the way we began the day with a DJ from the Netherlands!
We needed to cut-out at this point so would miss several artists that were on our list. It was fun running into so many of you and for those we knew and those that were new, thank you for all the great poses! Big thank you to Insomniac for the professional courtesies. Hope to see you all again next year, November 8-10, under the Electric Sky. A good time was had by all.