EDC Orlando – Day 3

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat. Day 3 of Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando was upon us. Let’s do this one more time!
The Rynobus Art Car figures prominently in our coverage of Sunday because the local Breaks community programmed the stage and it featured many DJ’s that OEN has covered for this past decade.
So this is where we began the day!
With DJ Evan Gamble Lewis (USA) opening the show.
The day dedicated to Breaks!
Electro Bass!
Next door, the circuitGROUNDS stage loomed in the distance.
It was here we experienced a House set from DJ Mednas (MA).
Corona Electric Beach was next!
Here DJ duo Truth x Lies (USA) was playing House too.
Forgot to ask if he was Truth or Lies but they are based in NYC.
By the time we got to stereoBLOOM, a contingent of dancers had already arrived.
For DJ Kyle Kinch (USA).
First time ever seeing this Tampa-based DJ.
The beginning of the huge crowd to come!
You could actually walk around kineticFIELD at this early hour.
DJ Cheyenne Giles (USA) was the opener here.
This San Diego-based DJ was spinning House and Bass House.
First visit of the day into the tunnel that is the neonGARDEN stage.
The strobes in here always challenged my non-professional camera but that indeed was DJ Avision (USA) up there playing Techno!
Back to the double Dutch bus!
For Destin-based DJ Doc Roc (USA).
We last saw him play last February at the “Breaks At The Beach” show in Cape Canaveral.
The early crowd was a bit spartan…..but stay tuned!
Back to the neonGARDEN.
The very-animated DJ Alyx Ander (USA). Like on Saturday when we saw him at Corona Beach, his set was full of fun House music.
And his fast-paced set was drawing the crowd.
Back to the owl.
DJ Frank Walker (CDN) playing a great EDM set.
First time seeing this guy live.
And the huge grounds were already filling in.
The other huge grounds, located where the famous Tinker Field baseball field once operated, was home to circuitGROUNDS.
DJ Softest Hard (VN/USA) playing Dubstep.
We had seen her play this past May at Sunset Music Festival in Tampa.
Over at the bus for Deejay Shaolin (USA).
You may recall the DJ Magic Mike (USA) vs Deejay Shaolin competition we covered last July at Jamz Camp. LINK
So good to see this guy in the perch!
Breaks were in the sunshine, literally and figuratively, yesterday at EDC.
The crowd was flowing in!
Many of them stopping on the grand strand.
Going b2b, Bingewatch (USA) and Galo (USA).
EDM was drawing the crowd.
But come forward, please!
Only 3PM and things were getting crowded at the Bloom.
DJ Westend (GB) going up against DJ duo Black V Neck (USA).
Westend had played the Corona Beach stage at EDC-Orlando in 2018 PHOTO LINK but we also saw him at Celine in 2019. We had also seen Black V Neck, known for wearing black v-neck tee shirts, at Celine this past January. PHOTO LINK
A good view of the less-crowded VIP area at the main stage.
Cats versus Dogs! DJ duo Cat Dealers (BR) versus DJ duo Dubdogz (BR).
Their sets spirited Electro House.
First time seeing either of them!
While we were in the neighborhood, we dropped back by the Garden.
More Techno, this time from DJ Holographic (USA). We had just seen her in Chicago at ARC Music Festival.
What was happening at the Rynobus?
DJ Security (USA).
When we first began covering the local Breaks scene a dozen or so years ago, DJ duo Rob E and Security (USA) were an institution!
But the famed duo did play together at the last EDC-Orlando in 2019.
Yesterday’s Breaks set was starting to draw the crowd.
There was also a crowd at circuitGROUNDS.
EDC‘s butterfly team was entertaining the crowd.
For a more-or-less EDM set from DJ William Black (USA)…..
…..including his hit with Illenium (USA) “Superhero“.
Back on the sand!
DJ duo Child Support (USA)
Heavy Bass set had the heads banging!
Followed by more Dubstep from DJ Bernzikial (USA).
The Tampa-based DJ had played on the Rynobus this past Friday evening.
People kept filing in.
And on the bus now, DJ Supernaut (USA).
Based in South Florida, we’ve been fortunate to see him three times this year!
People still coming and going but stay tuned!
Up next, a Blog-favorite. DJ Heather Collins (USA).
Shows are always special when Heather is playing!
Like we said, stay tuned!
EDC really supported the Breaks scene last night with several visits by their Animation teams.
Like these cute little monkeys.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls monkeys.
Nice tails!
Born Dirty (IL/GB) at stereoBLOOM.
Second time seeing him this year as he too had played at Celine earlier.
And it was continuing to get crowded here too!
Oh wow, ditto at kineticFIELD.
Kygo (N). Didn’t try to get close here for the guy who got famous from his hit “Firestone“.
At EDC, the main headliner is YOU. Daytime pictures!
The Coinbase Team.
Free hugs.
Venturing back into the tunnel.
Known for his flamboyant sets, Hector Barbour goes by the name DJ Denis Sulta (GB). He did not disappoint with what I would call more of a House set.
Darkness had fallen and we found DJ Landis (USA) over at Corona Electric Beach.
He had played at EDC-Orlando in 2013.
These 45-minute sets at the Rynobus were keeping us busy!
And the dance floor here too was now officially…..packed!
The Brothers of Funk (USA)
Bringing that unique vibe to a whole new generation of ravers.
Spotted down below: another EDC Animation team!
Crocs on the dance floor!
DJ Jason Brown (USA) taking over next.
To tell the truth, didn’t recognize you with a beard!
A gathering of age 40+ breakers!
Quick visit to the circuitGROUNDS to see DJ Dabin (CDN) including his playing off an electric guitar. I had heard good vibes about him from his performance in the cosmicMEADOW at EDC-Las Vegas last month. His set brought a much softer edge to the Dubstep genre and I actually liked it!
As did his fans!
DJ’s, yes we saw DJ’s! DJ Jason Brown (USA)
DJ Kris Klutch (USA) and friend.
DJ Swagkerr (USA) flanked by Madeline & Kelly.
DJ Frequie G (USA)
DJ Slay (USA)
More DJ’s than you can shake a stick at! DJ David Z (USA), DJ Evolv3 (USA) and DJ Tony Z (USA).
DJ Justin Time (USA), DJ Heather Collins (USA) and DJ Security (USA)
DJ Evan Gamble Lewis (USA) with his sister Lauren.
DJ Mathew Scot (USA)
DJ Berto (USA)
DJ Magic Mike (USA) with his lovely wife Que Peace and master assistant Victor Rivera.
DJ Si-Dog (USA) with Mariah.
DJ Solh (USA). Yes, “House Music Keeps You Young!”
We went up into Camping World Stadium to get an elevated view of the kineticFIELD main stage. This thing was absolutely incredible!
And the lasers, wow!
I missed the EDC drone show again as there was just so much going on!
DJ Joyryde (GB) was playing over there but I did not venture over.
At the Breaks stage, aforementioned DJ Rob E (USA)…..
Plus DJ Dave Gluskin (USA) together are…..
DJ duo Audiotrap (USA)
The peeps are constantly looking for new genres of music and many came over to check this out, wondering what the heck this was. So many “youngsters” on the dance floor bouncing to Breaks for the first time. It was amazing!
Some fun Dirtybird music coming from stereoBLOOM and DJ Dombresky (USA).
Another animation team at work. But the stage was so dark I could not get a DJ picture.
But his mix of House, EDM and even some 70’s Disco kept everyone enthralled!
We have nighttime pics too!
Lynn front view.
Lynn rear view.
Up on the bus, DJ Magic Mike (USA).
A former resident DJ at House of Blues famed Sunday night service industry night, he was really into his element last night!
Having such a great time! He told me he grew up in this neighborhood around what was then the much-smaller Tangerine Bowl stadium. He said he was humbled to think he was actually playing at Electric Daisy Carnival. Yes sir, Mike, there is nothing you can’t do!
Into the home stretch! Back to the circuitGROUNDS.
DJ Jauz (USA). When he played EDC-Orlando in 2016, PHOTO LINK a Dubstep set was expected but he played EDM.
But last night, expecting another EDM set, he played Dubstep, lol.
Up on the bus, the legendary DJ Huda Hudia (USA).
Bringing that famous sound to EDC!
DJ Keith Mackenzie (USA).
KMAC is based in Chicago.
Spotted here with his lovely daughter.
I believe Keith Mackenzie was the only DJ on the bus that played EDC Orlando previously. Here we have a Blog file photo from when he played on the neonGARDEN stage at EDC in 2011.
And joined his fans on the dance floor!
OK, one final set, dropping in to kineticFIELD one more time for my favorite DJ in the world playing right here in O-town!
DJ Armin van Buuren (NL)
This guy is always in a great mood and it spreads to the crowd.
That famous Armin pose!
In 2017 we got to see Armin do his “Best of Armin Only” show in Amsterdam. It was a show where he only played his own songs and so many of his vocalists there live to actually sing them! PHOTO LINK
It was a fantasic Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando and arguably the best one ever. So many great DJ’s, so much good music, so many good friends. Big thanks to the folks at Insomniac for the professional courtesies. At all the stages, a good time was had by all.