EDC Orlando – Day 2

On a beautiful November afternoon in Orlando, we were back outside Camping World Stadium for Day 2 of this 10th Edition of Electric Daisy Carnival.
Today we began at the kineticFIELD main stage.
For DJ duo Yokai (USA).
Over the years we’ve seen them open for so many huge acts at clubs such as Celine and Elixir.
They were followed by DJ Damaged Goods (USA).
We had seen him previously at EDC-Orlando in 2018. PHOTO LINK
Close by, the neonGARDEN stage was looking amazing in the bright sunshine.
With the gates having just opened, there weren’t a lot of people here yet…..
For DJ Adin (NL) going Techno on us!
Next over to the stereoBLOOM stage where a few peeps had arrived.
For DJ duo Grube & Hovsepian (USA).
This stage was dedicated to Trance all day and we would see the dance floor become absolutely jammed!
But for this first set, just a few.
Passed by the circuitGROUNDS stage where DnB was being delivered by DJ Fury & MC Dino.
Headed over to the Rynobus stage to see a b2b House set from DJ Deoca (USA) and DJ Antonella Zambrano (USA).
With this stage filled with Dubstep on Friday, it was a nice change.
Early dancers had arrived!
First visit of the day over to Corona Electric Beach.
DJ Eran Hersh (USA) was in the booth playing House and Latin House.
He was so animated it was hard to capture a shot of him!
He is based in Miami.
One of the Corona girls was spotted nearby! You can never go wrong with Corona girls.
Shift change while I was there with DJ Manolo (USA) taking control.
A House music set from this Boston-based DJ.
DJ Luccio (USA) had taken control over at stereoBLOOM.
Trance was the order of the day over here! We had just seen Luccio this past September at The Vanguard when he opened for DJ Ilan Bluestone (GB).
Spotted on the tarmac pre-set: DJ Suzy Solar (USA) with Brian Benning.
Her set would really begin to draw the crowd!
Opening with Psytrance and then moving into more uplifting Trance music with and without vocals.
This stage programmed on Saturday completely by Dreamstate.
As noted, Suzy Solar really drew-in the crowd. Suzy plays at the Dreamstate music festival this coming Friday near Los Angeles.
She was followed by another crowd favorite…..
DJ Nifra (SK)
This would prove to be a hugely popular stage all night.
Let’s post some crowd pics! Yes!
Keeping the grounds clean & green. It was impressive how the ground crew picked up all the trash left behind after Friday night’s crowd.
World Famous Shawn Fenn.
Time to move to the circuitGROUNDS.
First time seeing DJ Layz (USA).
Heavy Bass and Dubstep!
Back to the bus!
DJ duo Cut & Sew (USA) working from under the tarp that was placed for the 1-hr drizzle that passed through.
We’ve seen Jensen and Manny play House several times at shows in Orlando and Tampa.
The dance floor was beginning to get occupied.
Spotted on the bus: DJ Elias R (USA) with his lovely wife.
Elias R would come on next, doing a b2b set with DJ Skylar Williams (USA).
I loved all the Deep House in their set!
Over at the beach, DJ duo Niles Shepard (USA) gave us some much-needed House!
Even with the brief shower that passed through at this juncture, they still held a crowd.
They are based in Minneapolis.
Only 5PM and look at this crowd!
DJ duo Cash Cash (USA)
Playing an EDM set including so many of their own hits.
You know that EDC owl was kind of creepy, lol. He was always looking at you!
Except when he blinked!
And he would turn his head left and right. It was actually pretty amazing.
Back into the neonGARDEN where it too was getting pretty jammed.
Like Friday, programmed by Factory 93.
DJ Moonboots (USA) giving us some House and Chill House.
You think it was crowded now…..just wait!
A brief visit to the Trance stage to see DJ Factor B (AUS).
Trance Trance Trance!
We saw several DJ’s while we were making our rounds. DJ Solh (USA).
DJ David Z (USA) of the Orlando City Lions spotted with DJ Evolv3 (USA) of the recent MegaCon dance parties.
DJ Lil’ B (USA)
DJ Robb Blak (USA)
Big crowd at the beach!
House set from DJ Alyx Ander (USA).
Followed by an EDM set from DJ duo Riggi & Piros (USA).
If you’re looking for the Rynobus today, look first for the Pixel Forest area of the grounds.
It’s literally a bus that looks like a rhino.
And we arrived just in time to hear a booming Techno set from DJ Matthias (USA).
We had just seen Matthias open for DJ Enrico Sangiuliano (I) last month at Celine.
He had the dance floor packed!
We’ve seen this stage jammed for Dubstep on Friday night and House/Techno last night. We hope to see more of this tonight for Breaks!
I recognized that voice from a distance over at stereoBLOOM.
Oh wow, the beautiful Trance vocalist Haliene (USA).
She is the voice on many Trance hits and she sang them live last night!
She opened for DJ Andrew Rayel (MD) this past April. Check out that article here.
Nighttime on the playa.
First time seeing DJ Fish Scale (USA).
He was initially playing House but then switched it over to Heavy Bass.
Which brought the Go Go girls into a frenzy. You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
Nice to see DJ Wenzday (USA) again. She had played a heavy Dubstep set on Friday at the circuitGROUNDS but she was all House during my visit last night at Corona Beach.
And this stage was as jammed as we’ve seen it!
The rhino sits atop the Rynobus!
DJ duo Meen (USA) continuing the Techno.
The peeps want Techno.
DJ Phoenix Jagger (USA) going b2b with DJ Pacho Berrocal (USA).
More Techno / House / Tech House.
Not really sure why I took this pic.
Posting some more people pics from after dark.
One more trip into the tunnel where the crowd had now spilled outside!
Well no wonder: DJ Green Velvet (USA)
Going Techno on us last night. He would do a 90-minute set of his own followed by a b2b2b set with DJ Dom Dolla (AUS) and DJ John Summit (USA).
Hard to get a picture in the darkness but this will give you an idea how popular this stage was last night!
Couldn’t stick around because I was headed into THIS!
An absolutely incredible stage!
Hard to believe but over the years had never previously seen Galantis (S) play!
EDM hits set including many of his own.
And after a 10 minute intermission to swap-out equipment, the evening’s biggest headliner: Tiësto (NL)
Also pretty much an EDM set from arguably the most-famous DJ in the world playing right here in Orlando!
Post-covid Tiësto switched his Las Vegas residency from Hakkasan Nightclub in the MGM Grand over to the Zouk Nightclub in the brand new Resorts World complex.
And with that we called it a night following a fantastic day at EDC Orlando.
Today will be a bit cooler out there, especially after the sun goes down so bring a jacket. But everywhere we went last night on Day 2 of EDC-Orlando, a good time was had by all.