Concert Report: Jamz Camp (Top Secret Resort)

Top Secret Resort is a lifestyle hotel located along I-4 at John Young Parkway. This weekend it was chartered as the final location of a DJ concert called “Jamz Camp”.
Originally slated to have two indoor stages, the weather was just too perfect to not bring one of them outside. It was here we found DJ Æon (USA) in the booth.
Poolside Breakbeats!
Just a handful enjoying the music from their cabanas.
He was followed by DJ Hi-Que (USA).
His selections included a bunch of Old Skool.
Inside, the main stage got cranked-up with DJ Flextcy (USA).
As is typical for the opener, no one here just yet.
First time seeing Flextcy.
Remaining indoors, DJ Dizzy (USA) taking over next.
His set was loud and also included a bunch of Old Skool Dance hits.
While the dance floor below remained mostly empty, a few followers began building in the hotel’s lobby overlooking the stage.
So it wasn’t completely empty at this early afternoon hour.
So cute! They were really getting into the music!
Back outside, DJ Zack Lee (USA) had taken over.
This group figured out the best way to enjoy the day!
Spotted filming: Diana Aguilar of Slay Promotions.
“Jamz Camp” originally was conceived as “Bass Camp” to take place on International Drive. Hotel restrictions there got the event moved to an outdoor venue in Merritt Island but late-night music restrictions there forced the event to move yet again to this third venue at Top Secret Resort. Those moves seemed to limit overall attendance as many wondered whether it would take place at all. It did and TSR turned out to be a wonderful location.
DJ Seth Vogt (USA) taking over the main stage.
Seth Vogt would go back-to-back with DJ Knightlife (USA).
The view from below. While this area remained comfortably cool, my opinion is its distance from the performing DJ made it a less popular area to stand than it could have been had the dance floor been even with the stage.
DJ Knightlife Fan Club supporting the DJ.
Knightlife’s set had a House or Trance feel to some of his selections. Does that mean Progressive Breaks? Also, some memories of the old WYPO 95.3Party station!
“Never need a reason, never need a rhyme, step in time, we step in time.”
Spotted in VIP: DJ Chang (USA) with friend.
Spotted in a cabana: Nicole & Carla
Spotted backstage: DJ Davie-D (USA) & DJ Knightlife
Spotted at the railing: Janet & Jim
Spotted on the dance floor.
Spotted by the pool.
Spotted by the outdoor stage: DJ Losman (USA) & DJ Davie-D
On that outdoor stage: DJ Flux (USA)
Many of the cabanas now occupied as the afternoon wore-on.
When we passed by the event on Friday night, DJ Flux was playing right before Magic Mike came on.
Miami-based DJ Hi-Cue who had played earlier at the pool was now inside.
You know it’s a great event when it’s Solo!
On the decks outside, DJ Jeffee Jungle (USA).
His set completely off vinyl.
It was the most-unique set of the day and included Jamaican Reggae and DnB.
Back into the air conditioning for DJ Eric Berretta (USA).
He had a crowd!
While Jeffee played completely off vinyl, Eric Berretta played completely off CD’s.
Outside, day was turning into night. That meant returning the outdoor stage to the second room indoors.
Who said glow sticks died in 2008?
Spotted backstage: DJ Magic Mike (USA) & DJ Losman clowning around!
First act at the new indoor room: DJ Prizm (USA)
This secondary room began empty but the lighting would make this a great regular dance club!
People quickly discovered it though. It has its own bar at one end too.
It was a great place to “chill”.
Spotted by the downstairs bar.
Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah!
Spotted upstairs: Que Peace-Hampton aka Mrs. Magic Mike, with friend.
Spotted by the upstairs bar: DJ Losman, DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA), Amanda, Dorsey & DJ KJ of K5 (USA).
Spotted in VIP: Diana with DJ Zack Lee.
Spotted on the dance floor: Chris T. You know if there’s a Breaks event you’re gonna see Chris T.
Party Animal
Spotted on the dance floor with Jeremy!
Spotted on the dance floor without Jeremy.
Forgot to get their names!
Spotted in the Tech booth: Chris Bishop
9PM arrived and things were getting better and better!
Delivered by DJ Losman (USA).
Mezzanine was full and the dance floor below was drawing a crowd.
Another great Losman set!
And as Losman’s set was drawing to an end, the evening’s headline event was gearing-up!
A tag team set: DJ Magic Mike (USA) vs Deejay Shaolin (USA)
The view up from below!
The view down from above!
They would take turns between the two of them. A unique set you won’t experience anywhere else!
Their two hour time-slot went by way too fast!
But it wasn’t over yet! Half past midnight…..
DJ Infiniti (USA)
No one was leaving!
He had the dance floor bouncing!
Meanwhile at the second stage, DJ Bombtraxx (USA) had taken over.
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls. THEY were right!
Not as crowded as the main stage, this room remained a great place to cool down.
Hopefully didn’t miss too many of the performing DJ’s. But wow, at all three of the Jamz Camp stages yesterday and last night, a good time was had by all.