Club Reports: Monkey Bar, McQueens, Attic Nightclub, Treehouse, Barbarella, Celine Nightclub

The weekend after EDC is typically kind of dead downtown but that was not the case last night as Orlando Entertainment News returned to its appointed rounds. We began the night at Monkey Bar.
Resident DJ Dity (USA) was playing a special mix of 70’s Disco, 80’s Funk and House music!
We spotted Jorge and Christa on the dance floor!
And this group joined-in as well. You can never go wrong with Disco!
DJ Dity plays House and Techno here every Friday and Saturday night. Monkey Bar is located in the Wall St. Plaza complex.
Next stop, McQueens Social Lounge.
Up in the perch playing off gold decks, DJ Freefall (USA).
House music and EDM every Friday and Saturday night after 11PM.
McQueens is home to that famous skull wall.
Great music to bounce to!
And a great background for that selfie you know you’re dying to take.
Attic Nightclub was next.
Attic is home to more EDM.
DJ Krybtonite (USA) delivering some great music.
And even at this relatively early hour, it was already jamming! DJ Krybtonite returns tonight so come on over!
Next door to Attic Nightclub is the amazing Treehouse.
Open the door and climb up into the tree.
No DJ here, just prerecorded music which last night was Hip Hop.
Spotted: Rub-a-dub-dub, Christa in the tub. Treehouse is also home to this selfie bathtub. Photo Credit: Jorge
Of course the main attraction at Treehouse is grabbing a drink or shot and then chilling picnic-style on the grass floor!
Always a great vibe in here; everyone is happy!
Barbarella on Friday nights is home to Discothèque.
Where we found a b2b set from DJ Zennis (USA) and resident DJ Nick Whitney (USA).
Just a small contingent on the dance floor when we first arrived.
The music mostly House with some Nu-Disco vibe to some of it.
DJ Totally Cool Dad (USA) taking control later and bringing some of his flair to the room.
Dance floor activity picked up.
DJ Totally Cool Dad is one of our favorites of the DJ’s that cycle through Discothèque.
Spotted at the bar: Farah & Christa flanking one of their friends.
You won’t want to miss famed DJ Louie Vega (USA) playing here at Discothèque on Friday, December 10th. Advance tickets can be purchased here.
Celine Nightclub has a new lighted sign and it was our final stop last night!
In the booth upon arrival, DJ Flashdrive (USA).
House music had the dance floor jammed.
And then promptly at 12:30AM, there he was!
DJ Mark Knight (GB)
House music all night long.
The peeps want House music!
We had to check the Blog archives to see the last time we’ve seen Mark Knight play because it’s been awhile. We saw him in 2015 at New City Gas in Montreal.
And in the Smirnoff House at EDC Orlando in 2016. Here we spotted him with DJ Chris Lake (GB) taking a selfie! So we hadn’t seen him play in 5 years!
Spotted on the dance floor: This bevy of beauties.
His set had a fun, Big Room vibe to it.
Everywhere we went last night and especially at Celine, a good time was had by all.