Club Reports: Celine, 64 North, The Patio

We don’t get out often on Sunday nights but when we do, we maximize it! Began last night at Celine Nightclub.
The main room was closed but up on the rooftop we found DJ duo Black V Neck (USA).
The place was jamming!
House music with a distinct Dirtybird Bass House vibe to a lot of it.
The group is known to wear black V-neck tee shirts.
As a rooftop venue, you’re literally “dancing with the stars”.
64 North is a venue located along Orange Avenue where Bar-B-Q Bar used to operate.
It’s rare to find a DJ playing in here; they typically pipe-in whatever is being played at the adjoining club The Patio. Last night, they had their own Hip Hop track playing.
Lots of kitsch in here makes it a fun place to stop by for a drink and the lower volume makes it easier to chit chat with your crew.
Spotted by the bar: Blog-favorites Lindsay, Tiffany & Christa
It can get pretty crowded in 64 North!
Now on to the Sunday night pièce de résistance, “Sundown Sundays” at The Patio.
We walked into THIS!
DJ JC (USA) in the booth playing Techno!
Club was already hopping!
Techno music all night long on Sundays brings out the crowd.
The Patio has 4 walls but no roof, so you’re literally “dancing with the stars”.
Amazing set in the darkness of the club, at times crossing into Industrial.
Spotted in the club: Jose with Christa
Spotted on the dance floor: Jose with Ashley
Spotted by the booth: Jose with DJ Zurrenda (USA). Jose knows everybody!
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Brasuca (BR), Claudia & Christa.
Spotted in the booth working the lighting: DJ Dominick Morrison (USA)
Spotted behind the DJ’s: DJ Matt Enos (USA)
Last night’s headliners, DJ duo Volkmann & Engels (D).
1AM and no one was leaving!
They had everyone bouncing!
Moving from Techno into Tech House!
The hit from DJ Green Velvet (USA), “La La Land” brought the crowd into a frenzy!
The lasers were flying!
If you’ve never been to “Sundown Sundays”, you need to come check it out!
Through the fog, a good time was had by all.