Concert Report: Breaks At The Beach (Cape Canaveral)

Taking place at the Radisson Resort at the Port near Port Canaveral, “Breaks At The Beach” was a day and night affair featuring music in 3 rooms from 40 DJ’s over 14 hours! And OEN was there! NOTE: THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN UPDATED
The show began promptly at 1PM.
In the Best of Breaks Promotions B.O.B. Arena, an opening set from DJ 4K (USA).
We usually try to list some of the songs played but we’ll have to dispense with that this time because it was difficult enough to keep up with 40+ DJ’s let alone their music! Suffice to say the entire event was devoted to Breaks and Electro.
The opening DJ usually gets an empty room but a few were beginning to gather.
In the B.O.B. Arena tech booth we found DJ John Campisano (USA) working the buttons.
The Local Favorites Stage was located down a hallway and it was here we found DJ Gadjit (USA).
He wasn’t alone either…..
An early crowd was building here too.
The third area of music was the Main Room Stage where DJ Spark-D (USA) was playing.
Although here in Brevard County we’re told he sometimes goes by the D-Spark moniker.
The Main Room was definitely the “main room” and we would see this dance floor fill up as the day went on.
Tag team set with DJ Phin (USA).
They would each take turn playing five songs.
Back down in the hallway, DJ Amygurl (USA).
We’ve seen a lot of her sets this past year and she never disappoints!
In the B.O.B. Arena, DJ Tonik (USA).
But it was only 2PM so not many people in here yet.
There were a few more in the main room.
For DJ Jeff Justice (USA).
Jeff Justice was the opening DJ at the “Tail Break Rave” last August which was Orlando’s very first DJ concert after the Covid-19 reopenings. LINK
Spotted with the DJ: World Famous Shawn Fenn
Main Stage dance floor action picking up!
At the Local Favorites Stage, DJ Mynd (USA).
Mynd is the resident DJ at The Edison on Pleasure Island.
And we often see him playing at Wall St. Plaza downtown.
A second set from DJ 4K in the B.O.B. Arena.
Plenty of space to practice your hula hoop.
Spotted on the dance floor: Dawn with requisite Adidas.
Good to see DJ Jennifer Marley (USA) again!
We first met her when she played at Orlando’s then home of Breaks, Suite B Lounge.
In the Main Room, DJ Berto (USA).
Always great seeing Berto on the decks!
Immediately following Berto, DJ Jason Brown (USA).
His set at times had a House sound to it. Breaks House? House Breaks? IDK but I loved it!
In the Arena and one of the DJ’s representing Brevard, DJ Paul Moss (USA) on the 4PM shift!
First time seeing him play!
The event took place in the hotel’s Convention Center which is separate from the hotel rooms. A lot of the revelers stayed at the hotel. The desk clerk told me the hotel was sold out for the first time since cruising halted last year.
Out here on the patio a food truck had arrived and would be doing a brisk dinner business. What a great idea to have this!
Out here we spotted DJ Gamma (USA) with DJ Phin.
Joining Gamma was World Famous Shawn Fenn, Jennifer Marley and Spark-D.
The event attracted all kinds of party animals!
One of the instigators of this event, Mr. Jimmy Jamz himself.
In the Convention Center’s lobby, a line of people waiting to get in.
Including Heather Collins and Justin Rossilini.
Jenn can dance anywhere she wants!
Jody Marie from Chick Studios arrived with E!
W.F. Shawn Fenn, DJ Phin & DJ G-Force (USA).
Spotted on the dance floor: Break-A-Dawn
Spotted on the patio: Break-A-Dawn with DJ Chronic (USA).
Spotted on the patio: Break-A-Dawn with Tracy
Spotted on the patio: Break-A-Dawn with Tanyia
Spotted on the patio: Break-A-Dawn flanked by Natasha & Melissa. Matt was providing moral support.
Spotted in the club: Break-A-Dawn with DJ AfrodisiaX (USA).
Spotted in the foyer: Break-A-Dawn with Benjamin Benjamin of B.O.S.S. Society & Tracy.
Spotted in the Lobby: Break-A-Dawn with DJ Phin. Break-A-Dawn knows everybody.
Spotted later: Break-A-Dawn in wardrobe change.
Local favorite DJ G-Force (USA) took over the hallway decks next.
I believe we met G-Force for the first time at last summer’s “Tail Break Rave”. LINK
DJ Dave Fleck (USA) in the Arena.
As you can see on that clock, it was still pretty early.
DJ Mynd was back in the Tech booth.
At the Local Favorites Stage, DJ Dave Gluskin (USA).
We had seen him play at EDC-Orlando on the Art Car Stage last time. LINK
The main room now had MC Shaggy. Rear view.
MC Shaggy front view.
Taking over next, DJ JME_RECSTAR (USA).
Met her previously but first time seeing her play!
She is based in Tampa.
She had the crowd bouncing!
Spotted with Justin: Jaime from Chicago flew down just for the event!
Main dance floor beginning to populate.
But still room to grow.
Keep it moving, keep it moving. Back to the B.O.B. Arena.
For DJ AfrodisiaX (USA).
He’s a resident DJ at the every-Thursday Breaks event at Embassy Irish Bar downtown.
Spotted on the dance floor: Molly, りノムノイムレ りのイ& Heather. Heather flew down from Cincinnati just for the event!
Back to the hallway where there was a crowd! Why?
For DJ Matrix (USA).
And MC MB!
Brought back so many memories of their monthly NLP events at Suite B Lounge. We demand a re-do!
Main room action was heating up!
Compliments of DJ Heather Collins (USA).
Heather also played at EDC-Orlando last time they held the event in 2019.
Suite B Lounge was also where we first met Heather Collins spinning music the way it was meant to be spun… vinyl.
In the Arena, DJ Evolv3 (USA).
He’s one of the few DJ’s with laser vision!
This room was seeing some activity too.
While the hallway became really crowded!
No wonder! DJ Chronic (USA) was on!
Now living up in North Carolina, he was a big part of the Orlando scene back in the day.
Getting ready to take the stage in the Main Room, DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) was spotted with his stunning wife Krista.
He was also spotted with his stunning friend DJ Mynd.
Only 7:30PM and Jimmy had the room jammed!
A legend of Orlando’s DJ scene forever!
He was a resident DJ at House of Blues Service Industry Night (SIN) for years.
Marc was in the Main Room tech booth.
In the Arena, DJ Losman (USA).
He was playing some good beats.
And there was a decent crowd in here too.
Filled with favorites, there was always a crowd here and it got a bit warm for awhile.
DJ Robotic (USA) was in the booth.
We had just seen him play in December in Fort Lauderdale when he opened for DJ Icey (USA) at “Breaks Yo”. LINK
Back in the main room in time for DJ KJ of K5 (USA).
Spotted with DJ Chronic.
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right!
Quick visit to the B.O.B. Arena.
DJ Chad Fox (USA) doing the 9PM shift.
And he had a decent crowd down there!
First time seeing him play.
Quick trip back to the Local Favorites Stage to see DJ Dynasty (USA).
This place always stayed crowded on a per square foot basis.
He was quite animated!
In the main room, an amazing set from DJ Doc-Roc (USA).
He was doing some old school scratching! Chit-chatting with him after his set I found out he was from the Florida panhandle where I used to reside too. Wow, we had in common classic clubs such as Nightown in Destin and Victor’s in Fort Walton Beach. LINK
His set was so unique that the crowd moved forward to see it.
DJ Huda Hudia (USA) joined him scratching for the last few minutes.
Smile for the birdie!
That’s better. DJ Tooltime (USA).
In the hallway spotted dancing: DJ Amygurl, Tanyia & Lynn
Music provided by DJ Davie-D (USA).
Spotted: DJ Celestial (USA)
Big crowd down this way!
Another DJ we first met at Suite B Lounge. Bring back Suite B Lounge, Sammy! No one is buying those damn lamps! LINK
Doc-Roc off, Huda Hudia on!
Another one of the famed DJ’s of the Breaks scene!
He had the room bouncing!
And the late arrivers…..had arrived!
Spotted: Ashleigh with friend.
Spotted in the lobby: The Go Go girls!
Spotted in the lobby: DJ Darkside (USA) with AfrodisiaX.
Spotted in the lobby: Pop. Yes she does.
11PM arrived and we called it the Mike hour.
With DJ Ondamike (USA) in the Arena.
And DJ Mike Nice (USA) at the Local Favorites Stage.
It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Mike Nice.
Spotted on the dance floor: Amanda
Big crowd in the hall.
And then that other Mike in the main room. You surely remember those 2-3 minute film clips he always opened with.
And you remember that giant “M”.
And you remember those raised hands!
Yes, DJ Magic Mike (USA)!
Famed for so many things but revered from his Sunday night SIN nights at House of Blues at then Downtown Disney.
As midnight approached, the place was packed!
Back when HOB SIN operated, it dominated Orlando’s Sunday night club scene for years and no one in Orlando could compete with it. Sadly, Disney axed it in 2015.
Magic Mike’s set was full of energy…..
…..and he did not disappoint anyone who came out to see him.
Spotted by the bar: illDJ Chris B (USA).
Spotted down the hall: DJ Beni Hill (USA)
Into the B.O.B. Arena for another headliner!
DJ Keith Mackenzie (USA).
KMAC had also played at the Icey “Breaks Yo” event we covered in Fort Lauderdale in December.
DJ Mark Sanchez (USA) taking over on the Local Favorites Stage.
With no NYE show at EPCOT this year, we really missed him!
1AM and everything was running smoothly! Time for one more round.
On the main stage, Dynamix II (USA).
And we got not one but both of them! Scratch-D and Todd Walker.
One last visit to the B.O.B. Arena to see yet another set of Suite B Lounge legends: DJ duo Rob-E & Security (USA).
So many great memories with these guys.
The crowd agreed!
Meanwhile at the hall stage, DJ Bebe (USA).
The originator of the “Breaks Yo” series of concerts. We’re not sure if there’s going to be a Miami Music Week this year but regardless, the “Breaks Yo” MMW event is happening at Fort Lauderdale Beach on March 27th with advance tickets here.
The other stages closed for the night after their 1AM sets but on the Main Stage, the One and Only DJ Sandy (USA).
2AM so what. No one was leaving!
Sandy was also a regular over the years at HOB Service Industry Night.
What a day. What a night. A good time was had by all.
Looking for some more? Jimmy Jamz Entertainment introduces “Beats At The Beach” at the Radisson. Details to follow soon!