Concert Report: Breaks Yo! (Fort Lauderdale)

OEN typically just covers the Orlando DJ scene but with Orlando connections to last night’s “Breaks Yo!” concert in Fort Lauderdale Beach, there was no way to stay home!
McSorley’s has a ground level bar/restaurant and direct stairs up to this second level lounge.
And in one corner, literally a small DJ booth where we found DJ Dagger (USA).
Up another flight of stairs brings you to the open-air rooftop where a small group had already gathered.
To listen to a set from DJ Bboy Roy (USA).
Of course “Breaks Yo!” means Breaks and even remixes he played of songs like “Send Me an Angel” and “Changes” were Breakbeats!
Yes, glow sticks still exist!
The veteran DJ Robotic (USA) was up next!
As the dance floor started to populate.
His set last night had a very Industrial Breaks sound to them. We had sadly missed him in Sanford last month when he played at Oasis on the River.
Downstairs we found DJ Sum1 (USA).
Tag teaming with his main squeeze DJ Lady T (USA) playing what she called Chill Breaks.
The bar here stayed busy but most people headed up to the rooftop.
There we found DJ DB Cooper (USA).
Glow sticks and now glow balls!
People were dancing in all the corners!
Breaks are big in South Florida just as they are in Central Florida!
We had last seen DB Cooper play in 2018 in Miami (LINK). One of my favorites he played last night was a Breaks version of the song recorded by more different artists than any other, “The Whiffenpoof Song“.
I’m pretty sure federal law requires nightclubs to have a shiny disco ball. McSorley’s complies!
Drink refill time downstairs so a visit to the booth where we found DJ David Raven (USA).
Yes, Breaks here too!
9PM soon arrived and there he was…..
DJ Icey (USA)
The rooftop was now crowded but also socially distanced with close to 100% mask compliance!
He had everyone bouncing!
This was Icey’s first show since covid19 hit earlier in the year.
“That Booty Peculates”
Spotted on the dance floor: Chris B, DJ Emeritus (USA)
We’re hoping to see DJ Icey playing back in Orlando soon!
Just like old times last night!
Spotted post-set: DJ Icey with illDJ Chris B and Blog-favorite CJ.
Power Trio: DJ Icey flanked by DJ Andrez (USA) & DJ Keith Mackenzie (USA)
Spotted near the booth: DJ Master Feathers (USA), DJ Sum1, DJ Lady T and DJ Robotic.
Spotted dancing: Socialite Pop’d Culture (USVI)
Next up, the instigator of “Breaks Yo”, DJ Bebe (USA).
No one was leaving just yet!
Breaks versions of “Crush on You” and “Come Together” had the booties peculating!
And the dance floor stayed jammed!
Happy Birthday Bebe!
Back on the 2nd Floor, DJ Rob Analyze (USA) had taken control.
First time seeing him since early in 2017 when we saw him in Orlando at Peek Downtown. (LINK)
This level was now really busy too!
DJ Andrez (USA) took over at 11PM.
He had the crowd dancing here too!
While upstairs, DJ Bebe turning over the controls to…..
DJ Keith Mackenzie (USA)
That look you get from great Breaks!
K-MAC is based in Chicago. He tells us that other than a private show he recently did in Michigan, this too was a first gig for him since covid hit.
What a great night! A good time was had by all.