Concert Report: Sundown Sundays (The Patio)

You know The Patio as a weekend Top 40 club but on Sunday nights it transforms into a magical wonderland called “Sundown Sundays”.
Arriving just before 11PM this past Sunday night, the venue was already filling.
DJ Gian Carlos (USA) was the opener and on duty upon arrival.
Dance floor was active early!
The music Tech House & Minimal.
First time seeing him play.
They keep the place extra dark on Sunday nights.
Spotted at the bar: DJ Michelle Furr-e (USA) with Adam.
Spotted near the dance floor: Claudia with DJ Brasuca (BR).
Spotted in VIP: Kelly with DJ Swagkerr (USA)
Spotted in the Tech Booth: DJ Dominick Morrison (USA)
Then, taking over around 12:15AM…..
DJ Harvy Valencia (CO)
I had previously listened to a great Tech House set of his available on Soundcloud and was expecting the same here.
But he pretty much went House on us last night!
Music with and without vocals!
The Patio has 4 walls but no roof, so you’re literally “dancing with the stars”.
First time seeing him play too!
He had everyone bouncing!
Spotted in the front row, of course: Amelia
Spotted near the booth: Mauricio of the famed electronic band “Prophecy” along with DJ Mathew Scot (USA).
Spotted on the bar level: DJ Ed Abisada (USA) with Joanne.
What a great set!
“Sundown Sundays” are absolutely amazing!
A good time was had by all.