Club Reports: Ann Teague’s, Eden Lounge, Monkey Bar, Wall Street Cantina, Aero

Ann Teague’s Lamp Supply is a new venue on Magnolia Street.
If you knew that location as Peek Downtown or Suite B Lounge, the back wall light sconces will look familiar.
If you knew the place more-recently as Celine Sports Bar, the scoreboard will look familiar.
DJ Dohnny Knox (USA) was working off an antique desk!
And as the venue name would indicate, the place is crammed with…..LAMPS!
And more lamps!
The bar was doing a brisk business last night.
The music was mostly Hip Hop including a lot of Classic Hip Hop but there was the occasional EDM hit such as The Chainsmokers’ “Closer”.
Spotted at the bar: Jeremy & Leon
Did we mention the lamps? You need to come see this place!
Eden Lounge & Eatery has opened in the spot formerly occupied by Bar B.
DJ K1K0 (USA), who helped us survive this past trying summer over at Elixir Bar, was in the booth. That is actually a temporary wall behind the DJ booth which once removed will reveal a small kitchen.
The former Bar B bar is been completely redone. And where Bar B usually had 2-3 bartenders working, Eden is jammed with a fine-looking staff!
Like the Garden of Eden itself, Eden Lounge is full of greenery.
There are VIP bottle service tables available both inside and out.
The music last night was Hip Hop but look for House music every Thursday!
A great new addition to the downtown scene! Come check it out.
Moving into the adjacent Wall St. Plaza complex, Monkey Bar has a new sign to help you find the place!
DJ Dity (USA) on the decks playing House and some Nu-Disco.
They have an awesome outdoor balcony that gets packed at times.
And there’s always hot chicks on the dance floor!
Also within the Wall St. complex is the Wall St. Cantina.
DJ Mynd (USA) was outside on the patio playing Top 40 hits.
All the venues within Wall St Plaza have reopened but apparently the city has not yet approved them to block the short street at each end and have a “block party”. So you have to go through separate security at each locale and you can’t carry your drink from club to club.
And the street itself is open for pedestrians just passing through.
And there’s always hot chicks on the dance floor!
One of our downtown favorites is Aero Bar!
DJ Cliff T (USA) was blowing things up!
Packed to the rafters! (Well it’s outdoors, so no actual rafters.)
The music mostly EDM / Electro House!
His fast-paced set had everyone bouncing!
There was smoke!
There were lasers!
DJ Robin (USA) was handling the lighting during my visit. Good to see him back!
Why is it always this crowded? The peeps want EDM!
As a rooftop venue, you’re literally “dancing with the stars”!
I actually had one more stop planned for last night but the music was just too good to leave!
A good time was had by all.