Club Reports: Waterside Stage, Waterview Stage, Raglan Road, STK, The Edison, House of Blues (Disney Springs)

It’s been awhile since we’ve visited Disney Springs at night so last night we were out there to check out their current entertainment offerings. We began in Disney Springs Marketplace at the Waterside Stage.
Entertainer/Vocalist Drey-C (USA) and his band was on stage singing recent Top 40 hits.
This is a family dance event for both kids and adults!
They perform 45-minute sets four times on evenings when they’re performing.
Drey-C is the top act at Disney Springs and has been performing at least since we took this pic in 2012 when they played on a small stage outside Pleasure Island‘s Comedy Warehouse building. Back then he operated under the Andre Caram Band name. We only learned last night that Andre Caram is his real name and Drey-C comes from his real name! Who knew?
Big crowd of passersby always stop to see them perform.
You can see Drey-C and his band performing this coming week here on the Waterside Stage on Tuesday, March 19th & Friday, March 22nd. Shows are 4 times nightly at 6:15PM, 7:15PM, 8:15PM & 9:15PM.
Moving on. The pulse always quickens and small beads of perspiration still form when you cross one of the bridges over to beautiful Pleasure Island.
Roughly where Rock’n’Roll Beach Club used to stand is the Waterview Stage.
The band Fire Lake (USA) was playing Pop tunes here.
There was a good-sized crowd here too.
All outdoor entertainment at Disney Springs is absolutely free, as are the parking lots and garages.
Around the corner is Raglan Road.
With this being St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the place was absolutely mobbed!
The Tipperary-based band Strings & Things (IRL) was playing Contemporary Irish.
There wasn’t a seat to be had. This year’s Mighty Festival continues through Sunday night.
Continuing up Hill Street brought us to STK, located roughly where the fore-mentioned Comedy Warehouse used to stand.
DJ Marc Sparcs (USA) was in the booth playing light Top 40.
They used to have DJ’s playing nightly here but last year switched it to only having DJ’s playing on weekend nights.
This is primarily a steakhouse restaurant……
…..but there’s a popular bar scene here as well.
Still on the Island and directly across West End Plaza from STK is The Edison, a power plant-themed venue that is stunning in detail.
There is dining and drinking both upstairs and downstairs but shows take place down on the lower level.
We arrived to find DJ Mynd (USA) in his spot in the booth.
With the Sound Society (USA) coming on at 9:30PM last night for one more show.
The vibe is all Prohibition-era radio but their first song was the much newer “Umbrella” but with a 1920’s twist.
After their shows DJ Mynd will play about an hour of House music to close out the evening.
Before covid they used to push aside the tables and chairs here to create a dance floor…..
…..and as seen in this file photo, it could get damn crowded down here. It was the first place to bring dancing back to Pleasure Island.
Many will recognize this staircase area from The Edison‘s prior life as the Adventurers Club.
Moving on to Disney Springs West Side and our final stop of the night…..House of Blues.
We walked-in around 10PM to find this!
The traveling “Feels So Close” all-EDM show was in town!
It was all about the music so the DJ on stage was mostly in the dark and you could only catch a glimpse when some of the flashing lights came his way.
DJ Roberto Mysic (USA) delivering music from the “EDM Golden Era”.
Yes, EDM already has a golden era! You’ll recall we visited another all-EDM show just two weeks ago at The Beacham downtown as seen here.
It wasn’t packed last night like we see here for the Labor Day Bash but there was probably a couple hundred patrons in the club.
Overall a young crowd but it does my heart proud to see how electronic dance music has been embraced by Millennials and Generation Z.
We heard songs by David Guetta (F), Calvin Harris (GB), One Republic (USA), Black Eyed Peas (USA), Drake (CDN), Rihanna (BDS) and SO many more!
Everything is being remixed nowadays so we also heard EDM remixes of “Rhythm of the Night”, “Better Off Alone”, “Jump Around” and “I Like To Move It”.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Tony Z (USA) with Sandrine. Big thanks to Tony Z and Colleen for the professional courtesies.
The peeps want EDM!
A good time was had by all.