Concert Report: Labor Day Bash (House Of Blues)

In the annals of Orlando dance music history, there were places like The Edge, JJ Whispers, AAHZ at The Beacham Theater, Cyberzone and just two hundred meters from here, Mannequins on Pleasure Island. But on Sunday nights in Orlando, absolutely no one could compete with Service Industry Night (SIN) right here at House of Blues. We returned to Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) last night for the Labor Day Bash.
Twas’ the night before Labor Day and all through the House (of Blues), hardly a creature was stirring, not even the Mouse. (Get it? Disney World, Disney Springs, Mouse, never mind.) Doors opened at 7PM and the early arrivals got some of the choice spots at the barrier.
The opener was DJ Si-Dog (USA).
The theme of the evening was Breaks, just like much of the music here back in the day!
And Si-Dog delivered!
It’s always great to see the gorgeous Mariah too!
Now based in Connecticut, Si-Dog was previously based in Florida and played at so many Orlando events!
The floor was slowly gaining activity.
Si-Dog goes back-to-back with DJ Sweet Charlie (USA) at Electric Daily Carnival – Orlando in November!
Still a bit spartan at 8PM but stay tuned!
Time for DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA).
See what we mean… didn’t take long and the dance floor was suddenly jammed!
During many of the years that SIN was an Orlando institution, Jimmy Joslin was one of the resident DJ’s.
JJ pictured here delivering the Breaks.
With Magic Mike dropping by the booth to make sure everything was plugged-in.
The amazing Dance Singer Dana Duran (USA) would provide some live vocals for us!
Taking us back to the old skool.
Another former resident DJ at HOB SIN, The One and Only DJ Sandy (USA) at 9PM.
Lots of Classic Dance in there which of course were Breaks.
Over the years we’ve seen him play at so many shows!
Only 9:30PM and the dance floor was next to impassable!
Everybody in a great mood!
We like to say “packed to the rafters” and even at this relatively early hour, the Loge area upstairs was already getting jammed too but there was still space.
DJ’s! We saw lots of DJ’s at the club!
10PM already!
Dom is Stanton Warriors (GB).
He was psyched-up and gave us a fast-paced set!
Kriss Reign (USA). They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
Damn! They were right!
OK, now we can say it, “Packed to the rafters”!
We ran into so many peeps from the scene; some we knew and some we didn’t but do now!
The night was flying by so fast and then at 11PM, there he was…..
DJ Icey (USA)
Dancer Kriss Reign (USA) providing a distraction!
There’s no school like the old skool…..DJ Icey classic “The One“.
DJ Icey returns to EDC-Orlando for the first time since 2012 in just 2 months!
A roar went through the crowd as Icey played “Beach Ball“.
More peeps!
Of course we had to check out CJ and Emily sporting the 90’s/00’s baggy jeans trend!
And then the last but not least: DJ Magic Mike (USA)
Another one of the resident DJ’s at HOB Service Industry Night, especially on holiday weekends!
You could tell he was excited to be back in this perch!
Spotted backstage: Mrs. Magic supporting!
Blowing up the club with a new DJ Evolv3 (USA) banger. Back in the SIN days, while Magic Mike would be playing inside, Evolv3 would be playing outside on the HOB patio.
Midnight but no one was leaving just yet!
So many great memories in this room!
It was great to see you all!
A good time was had by all.