Club Reports: Pat O’Brien’s, Red Coconut Club, McQueens, The Abbey

After a full recovery from 3 days & nights at EDC, it was great to be back out into some more-normal club activities last night. Our first stop was in Universal CityWalk at Pat O’Brien’s.
POB’s was not actually on the agenda last night but we saw a DJ playing from the terrace overlooking the CityWalk complex and he looked really familiar!
Yes, while dueling pianos were happening inside the bar, DJ Justin Taylor (USA) was happening outside. The music was mostly Top 40 selections. Always good running into Justin Taylor.
Our actual destination was the Red Coconut Club. During the recent Halloween Horror Nights the club had been rebranded to Dead Coconut Club, full of scary Universal-owned monsters. But after a brief closure, they’ve reopened as their normal RCC.
We walked into this.
Friday night resident DJ Chino (USA) was up in the perch!
The dance floor was busy but not packed as we’ve seen it during other recent visits.
The music was mostly Hip Hop hits.
DJ Chino was the Friday night resident DJ at The Groove here in CityWalk prior to its covid19 closure.
It never reopened and is now home to the ill-advised Universal’s Great Movie Escape escape room.
Heading into downtown Orlando was next. We hadn’t been to McQueens Social Lounge in awhile.
The DJ booth was not occupied when we arrived and instead they had a Hip Hop track playing.
The skull selfie-wall is still here.
There was a crowd near the side bar dancing to the music track. Typically on weekends they play House music here later at night but someone reminded me later that this is Florida Classic weekend so maybe not.
Next stop was The Abbey where the “Y2K Throwbacks Dance Party” was in progress.
We walked into this.
The music was delivered by DJ Sarah Masters (USA).
Over the years we’ve been to 70’s Nights and 80’s Nights here at The Abbey but this was our first Y2K party. The music was from the turn-of-the-century from about 1995 – 2005.
The crowd was about 90% female, and young. Even though many would have been barely born at the time these tunes were hits, they certainly knew the words!
Dance floor stayed jammed for retro Top 40 hits by Christina Aguilara, Hillary Duff, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and more!
First time seeing DJ Sarah Masters.
She is based here in Orlando.
This event was so much fun!
And a good time was had by all.