EDC Week: 2023 Fashion Guide

Ladies, as that huge music festival arrives in town this weekend, you may be wondering what you should wear this year because you know how important it is to be in style. People kept asking whether we’re going to do another Fashion Update article, after all, no one goes to more clubs than us! So for your safety and convenience, Orlando Entertainment News has gone through a thousand+ pictures from recent festivals and put together this handy expert guide of DO‘s and DON’T‘s of festival fashion. This is a joke so please don’t take it seriously. Also, please note that this is unofficial information.
DO: Skimpy is good. It’s going to be in the low to mid-80’s out there again this year!
DO: Colorful is good. Don’t be a wallflower.
DO: Low Rise or High Rise, short shorts are always a welcome addition to any festival.
DO: Crop tops and booty shorts were big last year!
DO: If you got it, flaunt it. Halter tops are bigger than ever!
DO: Or skip the top altogether!
DO: However, if you’re a bit more modest, see-through is a reasonable compromise.
DO: Straps and straddles have been big the last few years.
DO: Tu-tu’s remain a popular choice, year after year.
DO: Costumes. We’ve seen exponential growth in the wearing of costumes versus just wearing boring regular clothes. After all, you’re not going to the mall, you’re going to a music festival!
DO: Matching outfits within your krewe is increasingly popular too.
DO: But if you don’t have a krewe, even couples can match.
DO: Lots of silver metallic the last few years! Metallic remains a huge trend this year.
DO: Assless chaps were a new item last year but this may be the final year we recommend them.
DO: As assless chaps fade away, they’ve been replaced this year by the “full moon” look. OEN fully supports this look.
DO: 90’s-style wide leg baggy cargo/skater pants or flares. Since temps may dip into the upper 60’s late at night and/or you might be headed to an After, be ready with this huge trend.
DO: Fans remain a top accessory to bring to the show. The clacking is fuckin’ annoying, but whatever.
DO: Sunglasses at night remain a top accessory choice too.
DO: Glitter and Face Jewelry. Bring with you from home or at some festivals, they even offer a free beauty bar with a makeup artist.
DO: Doc Martens and other combat boots.
DO: We’ve seen more and more platform boots the past several years. They’re a great choice to allow you to see the DJ over the crowd standing in front of you.
Now several Don’ts: DON’T: Fluffies. We used to recommend them but they are no longer in style at the most-recent festivals we’ve attended. You will still see some but not like it used to be.
DON’T: Onsies. Yes, you’ll see these in use for sure but with temps in the low to mid-80’s this weekend, we can’t recommend them and you’ll be miserable.
DON’T: Heels. Most of the festival grounds are not paved and you’ll be in pain trying to walk around.
DON’T: Lastly, horizontal stripes. They can tend to make you look fat.

If you see me at EDC, please yell to get my attention so I can get your photo. I’m usually oblivious!