EDC Orlando – Day 2

Having survived Day 1 of Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando, we were back out yesterday for Day 2.
Opening at the main stage, Florida’s best brand of Techno, based right here in Orlando, is called “Shade” and that brand’s head of production began the day on stage here!
And that would be DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA)
Getting the blood pumping early, what a great way to start any day!
Ditto over at stereoBLOOM.
A Florida-favorite, DJ Edgar V (USA).
A mostly pure House set!
Of course when you’re the opener on any stage, there won’t be a lot of people just yet since the gates had just opened.
One of our favorite stages yesterday, dedicated all day to Drum & Bass. the Anniversary Art Car.
This stage programmed all day by Florida’s premier DnB brand “Torque”.
Delivering the good stuff!
The circuitGROUNDS stage is pretty much Dubstep all day but the opener was interestingly going DnB.
They were hard to see up there…..
Duo DJ Fury with MC Dino (USA). When we calculated the results last year, these two have played at more EDC-Orlando shows than any other artist. Add one more set to the count.
Even though it was early, more than a handful had already migrated over to this stage.
And the duo had them bouncing. Drum & Bass has really caught-on again and many are discovering it again.
First visit of the day to the neonGARDEN to see DJ Tini Gessler (E).
House/Tech House sounds!
First time seeing her play!
The main stage had attracted a small crowd.
A House and EDM set from DJ Carola (BR).
She was quite animated and the crowd was really getting into her selections!
At the Anniversary Art Car, DJ Kadilak (USA).
Like everyone at Torque, the music was at high octane beats-per-minute!
You can’t have proper DnB without some narration and that was provided by MC Freak (USA).
The instigator of Torque, DJ Circle K (USA) in the center, very grateful for the opportunity to host a stage at EDC.
Spotted: DJ Circle K with the always-stunning Ronda.
The Secret Road connects the Anniversary Art Car area to stereoBLOOM stage area, going around the lake.
Crowd was beginning to build.
First time seeing this artist…..
DJ Baby Weight (USA)
Her set was more on the chill House side when we arrived but then the music exploded!
With her House set being noticed from afar and people began to come over!
Fun on the dance floor!
We met lots of peeps yesterday, some we knew and some were new!
Dance Singer Jamie Blue (USA) will be providing some vocals today during Breaks day at the Rynobus Art Car stage.
Jamie Blue spotted here with her main squeeze Jason.
Back to stereoBLOOM.
DJ Frankie Rizardo (NL)
House music all day/night long!
When you want to listen to the music from afar but not be at a stage, there were always diversions!
The crowd at neonGARDEN was growing!
DJ Ben Sterling (GB)
He played at EDCO last year as well as at a block party outside Elixir Bar back in 2021.
Party in VIP!
Dance floor getting jammed!
Remaining at this stage a bit longer, DJ Franky Wah (GB)…..
Taking turns with DJ Korolova (UA).
Korolova is one of two Ukranian DJ’s playing at EDCO this year.
Needing a fix of DnB, back to the Anniversary Art Car.
DJ Electron-C (USA) was on the decks.
Accompanied by MC Freak!
More of that fast stuff!
Always great to see Electron-C.
That look you get from great Drum & Bass!
stereoBLOOM is so close to the art car that you can get there in no time via the shortcut. So we would go back and forth all day!
DJ Matt Sassari (F) was playing House over here.
First time seeing him play.
There was no shortage of takers! Wow!
Day was turning into night during his set!
He was directly followed by a genuine old skool legend, DJ Todd Terry (USA).
Giving us a old skool House set too!
A woman had been carrying around this totem both days! I think Todd Terry noticed!
What a great set of music!
The circuitGROUNDS stage ground was becoming close to full.
Day was turning into night here too.
DJ Jantsen (USA)
Returning this stage to the Heavy Bass vibes.
EDC-Orlando becomes an electric wonderland after dark with electric lights, electric trees, electric mushrooms and of course, electric daises!
Insomniac is celebrating their 30th birthday this year so of course, an electric birthday cake!
The bossman at Torque, DJ Circle K in the perch now!
With MC Collaborator doing his requisite duties!
Both days so far, always a fun time at this stage!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Night peeps!
A quick trip via the secret road took us to stereoBLOOM again.
To see DJ Honey Luv (USA).
She’s been making a big name of herself on satellite radio this year.
You could tell during her set that she was excited to be here!
The crowd at stereoBLOOM was “packed to the rafters”!
Ditto at circuitGROUNDS.
For DJ Wilkinson (GB)
When he played his set earlier this year at Okeechobee Music Festival, he delivered a mostly DnB set but last night there was a surprising amount of EDM in his set.
The crowd here too was “packed to the rafters”!
We dropped by the Hall of Mirrors located in VIP at neonGARDEN. The EDC grounds are full of selfie stops and this is one of them!
On stage here, DJ Loco Dice (TN/D).
The music on the Tech House side.
Like pretty much everywhere last night, “packed to the rafters”!
Main stage views!
It would constantly change colors after dark!
Like most of their main stages at EDCO, simply amazing!
Wow! Come out and see it one last time tonight!
The crowds over at the main stage was already backed out to the two streets that bisect the grounds.
We saw fireworks! We saw flame shooters!
Now based in Los Angeles but originally from London, Ontario, DJ duo/trio Loud Luxury (CDN).
To say they were animated for their mostly EDM set would be an understatement!
Coveted spots along the barrier were not to be had unless you had arrived early at stereoBLOOM.
For DJ Mau P (NL).
One small disappointment to me was when he played his biggest hit “Drugs From Amsterdam” he played a remix rather than the specific version that had made him famous. But we did get the regular version of current hit “Dress Code” so I was happy!
The baggy wide leg look applies to the guys too!
He would play several other hits of his as well.
Largest crowd we’ve ever witnessed at stereoBLOOM. Come out today for Day 3 and experience it for yourself!
One final visit last night at the Anniversary Art Car where we found the dance floor jammed here too!
Shift change in progress…..
With DJ Stereotype (USA) turning controls over to…..
To DJ Odi (USA).
DnB all day & night at this stage!
With the narrative provided by MC Collaborator (USA).
The music fast & furious!
And then back at the main stage, there he was!
The one we were waiting for all day, DJ Armin van Buuren (NL).
He played some Trance but for the most part he was on the EDM side.
Peeps are far as the eye could see!
Clown band passing through!
You can’t have a great music festival without AvB!
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.