EDC Orlando – Day 1

Taking place in Tinker Field adjacent Camping World, Stadium, yesterday was Day 1 of the 12th annual edition of Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando. Skies were mostly fair and the temps were in the mid-to-upper 80’s with that free Florida bonus: humidity!
The action began at 1PM with the crowd flowing onto the grounds seeing their show-opening DJ’s.
This is the kineticFIELD main stage this year before the new arrivals set foot upon it.
But in no time this was a popular destination.
In the 1PM time slot, DJ Avello (USA).
This Orlando-based DJ played a House/Bass House set.
As more people flowed-in. Impressive during the day, this stage looks amazing by night!
Electric daisys!
These electric flowers would also light-up by night while the grass became a popular resting spot after dark.
The second main stage is circuitGROUNDS.
Dedicated to mostly Dubstep, it was a popular destination too.
The opener was DJ Celo (USA).
Because of the music format here, it attracts a really young crowd.
One of the numerous places within to take that “Kodak Moment“.
Next stop was the neonGARDEN stage. Please note there is only one entry point into EDC this year and it’s in the northeast corner of the grounds adjacent this stage.
You know this stage is legit since it has a shiny disco ball.
The music yesterday for Day 1 was programmed by Miami’s Club Space.
And Club Space resident DJ Thunderpony (USA) was handling the first shift.
His set was on the Tech House side of music.
Every year Insomniac improves the product they deliver. Plagued by mushy grounds near the stage last year due to a hurricane one day prior, this year they’ve added interlocking plastic panels near the stage. Fortunately, no hurricane this year!
The tree fruits would become lighted later in the evening.
The stereoBLOOM stage is back this year, relocated from its traditional spot near the Daisy Lane Bridge to this new spot in the grounds southwest corner.
The first arrivals would experience a Tech House/Minimal set from…..
DJ RachEP (USA).
This Los Angeles based DJ was really enjoying her music!
The famous Daisy Lane Bridge. There are no tolls.
The newest stage this year is the Anniversary Art Car stage. It’s located roughly where stereoBLOOM was located in previous year but pushed further towards the rear.
It’s celebrating Insomniac’s 30th birthday this year and was absolutely wonderful yesterday. This stage goes Drum & Bass today during Day 2.
At this early time yesterday, just a few takers but that would change!
DJ Parker Page (USA) was the opener here.
This stage was all-House yesterday.
Photo op!
The Rynobus Art Car stage is back again this year and you’ll find it in its traditional spot.
Orlando-based DJ J.V.O. (USA) did the opening set here.
His House set had few takers at this early hour but stay tuned!
What makes Electric Daisy Carnival a carnival? The grounds are full of traditional carnival rides.
And the rides are free!
There are also parades!
The most-often asked question we get asked is why don’t they put a stage or two inside Camping World Stadium since it’s right there. The reason is that one weekend after EDC is the Florida Classic football game between Florida A&M University and Bethune-Cookman University and allowing thousands of fans to trample the field just days ahead of it just can’t happen.
Now back to the main stage which had already become crowded!
For DJ Icey (USA).
The Orlando-based Breaks legend delivered on his reputation with Breaks versions of current EDM songs! You know its an Icey set when you hear “Booty Perculate“.
We had most-recently seen DJ Icey play at House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista for the Labor Day Bash. Yesterday afternoon, Icey gave the people what they wanted! Don’t forget he’s playing at the upcoming AAHZ Reunion with DJ Kimball Collins (USA) on Thanksgiving Eve with advance tickets here.
Back to the Anniversary Art Car.
Iron Cow resident DJ Atnarko (USA).
House music all day/night long!
He had the club bouncing!
We met lots of peeps yesterday, some were new and some we knew!
Lets go back to neonGARDEN!
DJ Chelina Manuhutu (E)
Lots of Techno at this stage!
More techno on the main stage!
That green hair can only mean DJ Miss Monique (UA).
She’s one of only two Ukrainian DJ’s playing at EDC this year!
Even at this relatively early hour, the main stage was already jammed!
OK, back to the Anniversary Art Car where we spent a lot of time yesterday!
Another Florida legend, DJ Noel Sanger (USA).
He continued with the House!
The floor was really filling over at neonGARDEN.
More Tech House from DJ Carlita (TR).
Showing off that 90’s baggy wide leg trend we spoke of in this year’s Festival Fashion Guide.
This stage was now officially jammed!
Another visit to circuitGROUNDS to hear some more Heavy Bass.
DJ Level Up (USA)
She had those headbangers banging heads!
And the field was already filling up to the…..rear!
Over at the Rynobus Art Car…..
Tampa-based DJ Alan Shi (USA) was going back-to-back with DJ Jay Crusoe (USA).
Their set was on the House side too.
And the dance floor was gaining occupants!
As was stereoBLOOM!
No wonder! DJ Anabel Englund (USA) was playing!
Besides producing her own songs, she’s famous for singing them too!
She sang “Deja Vu“, “Underwater“, “Midnight Rapture” and “Strangely Sentimental” live for us last night, among others.
She looked resplendent in her beige cropped jacket & miniskirt combo and black heeled boots.
During her set it suddenly became dark outside!
So it was back to the mainstage for…..
DJ Deadmau5 (CDN)
Did not see whether he wore his trademark mouse head at all last night but when he walked offstage I did not see him carrying it.
Absolutely packed here now!
If you didn’t arrive early to grab a spot at the barrier, you weren’t getting one!
Night peeps!
Close-up view of this year’s kineticFIELD deity.
After Deadmau5, DJ Alok (BR) took over!
His set was full of EDM hits.
The Anniversary Art Car was the place to be!
DJ Micro (USA)
His House set could be heard booming a half mile away!
And it was attracting a crowd!
It got pretty jammed down there!
One final visit last night to stereoBLOOM.
A b2b set from DJ Westend (USA) and DJ Joshwa (GB).
They were having such a good time!
And then back to Anniversary where we camped-out for the rest of the night as DJ Bunny (USA) of Rabbit In The Moon (USA) fame had taken over!
You never know with Bunny whether you’re going to get a House set or a Breaks set and last night it was Bass House!
He was so animated, constantly requesting the crowd to scream!
And it got packed down there!
Wide leg baggy here too from the dancers!
Party at the art car! This was so good, could not leave!
Taking over next on the same stage, DJ Robbie Rivera (USA).
His House set was a bit more Progressive.
And the crowd stayed jammed!
We hadn’t seen him since he played at Celine back in 2019 as seen here.
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right!
If you’re looking for me today at Day 2, come find me under the electric mushroom. I have fond memories here!
Everywhere we went yesterday on Day 1 of EDC, a good time was had by all.