Club Reports @ Wall Street Plaza: What’s All This, Then?

Wall Street Plaza is located in the heart of DTO and has been a fixture in the city’s nightlife scene for decades. With a big concert happening last night, we decided to pay it a visit.
The outside concert was happening at the east end of the street and when we arrived DJ Leondis (USA) was on the stage playing EDM.
Leondis had played on the Rynobus Art Car Stage at EDC-Orlando last year. Admission to the Wall Street Plaza clubs is typically free but when there are special events such as last night, a ticket purchase is required.
That didn’t deter too many people; place was packed!
From the stage and all the way back!
For those that have never been to WSP or haven’t been in awhile, let’s take a look around. We’ll begin on the north side of the street which is home to Hooch. Prior to renovations, it was known as Globe.
DJ Moogymanmusic (USA) was in the corner booth playing EDM and House.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
At Hooch there is a large bar in the middle of the room and it was a good place to grab a drink while the concert played outside.
Moving along, Shine is adjacent and in the past has been Wall Street Plaza‘s largest dance club. It was previously called Slingapours.
Here we found DJ Andrew (USA) in the booth playing Hip Hop.
With a ticketed EDM event taking place outside, not many takers for Hip Hop. However, on a typical night this place does get packed!
One more spot on the north side of the street: Hen House.
Themed as a bordello bardello, it’s too tiny for a DJ but they do have a music track playing which last night was Old School Hip Hop.
Come inside, have a drink, take off your bra, stay awhile.
Wall Street Plaza has been in the news this past week because Gilt Concert Venue, located out near Orlando Executive Airport (ORL) announced their closing. It caught many by surprise but Orlando Entertainment News reported this back in April of 2022. But what does Gilt have to do with Wall Street Plaza? Well the Gilt ownership group had purchased the south side of Wall Street Plaza! (with one exception)
We’ll begin with Fixtion. It was part of the Gilt purchase. Not directly on Wall Street but facing Orange Avenue, it was the first club to be renovated by the new ownership. It was previously called Sideshow. As we speculated in that article, we expected this place to become the new Gilt.
Last night was a B2B set between DJ Mateus Souza (USA) and Dos Santos (USA).
The music was all vocal House during our visit. This replaces Shine as WSP‘s largest dance club.
Wall Street Cantina is next as we go down the south side of the street.
A restaurant that turns into a bar at night, there is often a DJ playing in here too although not last night.
Kevin O’Ryans The Other Irish Bar was apparently not included in the sale to Gilt. It’s about midway down the street and was previously known simply as The Other Bar.
DJ Marcos (USA) was in the perch playing EDM.
We recognized these two from Gilt although we couldn’t quite remember their names, lol.
Place was jammed and the music was great!
Words to the wise. If it’s written on a bar room wall, it must be true!
Moving further along, Waitiki recently reopened after some renovations.
All we could see from the renovations though was the wood floors were covered with Astroturf. There was no DJ last night because of the adjacent concert stage but typically there’s a Top 40 DJ in here.
And then there is our Wall Street Plaza favorite: Monkey Bar.
Weekend resident DJ Dity (USA) was in the booth playing House. Thank you for the professional courtesies, Dity.
As the only Wall Street Plaza venue located on the second floor, it has a great balcony which last night was perfect for looking at the concert stage below!
On that balcony, this outside bar.
Which connects to their inside bar.
We ran into some acquaintances from a local law firm that had bought out the club for the concert.
Balcony was packed!
OK, back to the concert where the headliners DJ duo Two Friends (USA) had come on!
They have a weekly mixshow on Sirius/XM satellite radio’s BPM channel.
As expected, their set last night was 100% EDM.
We would call last night a success and HTG & Disco Donnie Productions will be bringing more monthly shows to the Plaza. DJ trio Autograf (USA) will be playing here on October 14th, LSDream (USA) on November 24th and then the big one, DJ Borgore (IL) here on December 29th. Advance tickets here.
To say they were animated last night would be an understatement.
Two Friends Fan Club was here!
Side view.
Waving the official Two Friends flag!
Good sax.
The music was great, the vibe was great!
A good time was had by all.