Club Reports: Lost & Found, In Between Days, The Nest (St. Petersburg)

Having arrived a bit early for a planned event last night in downtown St.Petersburg, we wandered around to other nearby venues. The first one was called Lost & Found.
The theme at Lost & Found is 70’s kitsch. You arrive into a living room of sorts with shag carpeting, area rugs, wood paneled walls and lots of old furniture!
This old pinball machine still works!
But this old school cigarette machine with $.75 packs sadly does not.
Some new acquaintances on the dance floor. The live Rock band was on break during our visit.
They have a full liquor in here and it was busy.
A brand new venue called In Between Days was located nearby so we dropped by. There is no sign so we made due with this outdoor display of sake bottles.
There is a large seating area outside the venue built into this old house but no one was out here.
But the air conditioning was good inside and this was the view upon entering.
This small bar was located aft. There is food but the drinks are just Japanese sake. The venue is inspired by Tokyo’s listening bars.
No DJ was on duty per se but someone was in charge of changing records which last night was Downtempo during our visit.
So time had arrived for our primary event so we went over to St. Pete Brewing Co.
In the main room is this bar serving numerous varieties of beer.
And as their name would indicate, they brew their own!
The event was taking place at “The Nest” which is this second room on the side.
Oh wow……someone knew we were coming!
Upon entering, noticed this early-last century ceiling and fixtures.
And of course we noticed the music! First time seeing DJ Knd Strngr (USA).
He would go back-to-back with DJ Luna Falls (USA),
Even though the event had just started, there was already a crowd on the dance floor for this night of mostly Breaks and Electro.
Blog-favorite DJ Medley (USA) was on next!
The Miami-based DJ continued with the vibe of the night.
We had first met DJ Medley in South Beach at Kill Your Idol in 2017 when she opened for DJ Icey (USA).
Dance floor was enjoying her set.
Medley would go B2B with this legend of the Breaks scene.
Looking adorable in an Adidas tank top, Adidas miniskirt, requisite Adidas Superstar trainers and Adidas OTK socks…..
DJ Ms Chevious (USA)
High octane!
We had first seen Ms Chevious play at The Coliseum in Daytona Beach back in 2015.
Her set had the club bouncing!
We ran into so many peeps we know from the Florida Breaks scene.
Spotted outside: DJ JB Thomas (USA) with Tracy.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Meaux (USA) with Mahamoud.
Spotted by the booth: DJ Ms Chevious with DJ Amber Jane (USA).
Spotted backstage: DJ Ondamike (USA) with DJ James Wolfe (USA).
Spotted on the dance floor: James Wolfe with Penny Lane.
The music was so good, even the dogs were dancing!
Up next, DJ Juz10tym (USA).
His set was LOUD and FAST!
First time seeing Juz10tym since he played at Blackbird Ordinary in Miami in 2022 during Miami Music Week.
Dance floor stayed active.
And then, close to midnight, there she was!
Going back-to-back with Juz10tym…..
DJ Heather Collins (USA)
We hadn’t seen her spin since she played at EDC-Orlando in 2022!
We first met Heather Collins when she played a “Davie’s Angels” vinyl show at Suite B Lounge in downtown Orlando back in 2011.
Needing to get back to Orlando, wasn’t able to stay for the final set of DJ’s playing. Nonetheless, from what we experienced, a good time was had by all.