Club Reports: What’s Happening At Wall St. Plaza?

Wall Street in Orlando is a short little street with one nondescript section running between Rosalind Avenue and Magnolia Avenue and then another more-famous section that runs between Court Street and Orange Avenue.
And it’s that latter section that is permanently closed to vehicular traffic and home to Wall Street Plaza, a collection of bars and nightclubs that are marketed together for concerts and other events. But even the most casual observer could not have failed to notice that the post-covid19 crowds of years-past have simply not returned so something needed to be done. And that something was the sale of the clubs and buildings on the south side of the street (on the right of this picture) to the ownership group of Gilt Concert Venue.
The three venues on the north side of the street (left side of above photo) are not impacted. Hooch (formerly Globe) remains as a venue with a large bar, no dance floor to speak of and a DJ in the far corner.
Prohibition and steampunk-themed Shine remains as the street’s only real DJ dance club. It replaced Slingapour’s about 8 years ago.
And bordello-themed Hen House continues to operate a small but popular bar.
Now to the south side of the street, part of the sale, where this building currently houses two venues.
Waitiki Lounge continues downstairs while…..
Blog-favorite Monkey Bar continues upstairs. We’ve not heard what will become of either place but a huge patio and huge balcony give the new owners potential to make use of the space in a different way. We suspect this will be down the road since there are more important locations to rehab first.
Apparently not included in the sale to Gilt is this building which is separately owned.
Long home to The Other Bar, it was renamed Kevin O’Ryans The Other Irish Bar shortly before the covid19 closures hit and it continues to operate independently today.
This is the building at the corner of Wall Street Plaza facing the heart of downtown along Orange Avenue.
Home to Wall Street Cantina, it’s a long-operating and popular bar that is always jammed at night. Its prime location foretells that whatever the new owners plan to do, this venue will figure prominently.
Lastly, carnival-themed Sideshow was part of the sale to Gilt and it has already closed for renovations. I don’t think the place ever figured out what their niche was supposed to be. It was certainly a bar but sometimes they had a DJ playing but often not and there was no real dance floor. New ownership will change that. And facing Orange Avenue directly, it has an important role.
You may recall that Sideshow was once two separate venues that were combined. It was originally One Eyed Jack’s….. (Blog File Photo)
…..and Loaded Hog. (Blog File Photo)
With Orlando Business Journal reporting the rumored sale of the current Gilt Concert Venue space and land to the Modera Baldwin Park apartment complex, it makes sense that this building could become the new Gilt or whatever name they end-up choosing. Expect high quality lighting and sound and world-class DJ’s playing right here at Wall Street Plaza!