Disney Springs’ Hidden Mickey

Did you know that there’s a “Hidden Mickey” right down there in Disney Springs West Side? Yes, among all those trees! Picture a side view of Mickey‘s famous head and then at the top, those two round planters are his ears. On the far right, Mickey‘s large smile. In the center bottom, his bulbous nose!
Ground view of his left ear.
Ground view of his right ear.
One end of his smile.
His bulbous nose and snout.
This is kind of the view we’re talking about except in this artwork Mickey has two eyes while in the Hidden Mickey view of his head, only his left eye was used.
This was the view back in 2014 when trees were first added. The Hidden Mickey was much easier to visualize back then.
And even more so earlier when construction had first been completed prior to any trees and bushes being installed. There’s definitely a Hidden Mickey in Disney Springs.