EDC Orlando – Day 1

Is it the second weekend of November already? Yes it is, and time for Day 1 of Electric Daisy Carnival.
But as the festival was to begin at 1PM, threatening clouds began rolling in from the west.
This led to a ground hold with everyone instructed to head into the stadium. This was the first weather hold at EDCO since the very first one in 2011 when a massive thunderstorm rolled through. The worst we got yesterday was a very light drizzle but safety comes first!
By 2PM the gates opened and the music began as people flowed in.
However, while the West stages were ready and operational, work still needed to be completed at the East stages. You’ll recall about 24-hours prep time was lost as a hurricane passed through town.
People were held back for another hour.
So we went with the flow and visited the circuitGROUNDS stage.
DJ Moovy (USA) was the opener playing Dubstep and Heavy Bass.
She had the heads banging!
This stage would pretty much remain Heavy Bass all day.
Also open was the Rynobus Art Car stage.
DJ Letha Blake (USA) was on the bus!
Early crowd.
Doing a House set.
The beach was also open for business. Corona Electric Beach is back again this year!
With an opening set from DJ Corey Divine (USA).
Not too crowded yet down on the strand.
Mostly Heavy Bass set.
The stereoBLOOM stage would be home to Trance all day,
DJ duo atDusk (GBG).
They are based in Guernsey, an island in the English Channel.
The EDC girls were part of the entertainment.
And it had quickly gotten crowded!
Of course Electric Daisy Carnival is a carnival too, not just a music festival.
Plenty of props to take those Instagram selfies.
Orlando’s version of Stonehenge.
The owl is the main symbol of EDC but I have memories of mushrooms too!
Lots of talented performers parading around!
Here come more!
At neonGARDEN, DJ Ben Sterling (GB) starting up!
This view of circuitGROUNDS shows the expanded VIP area on the nearside.
Large crowd gathered.
For DJ Uber (USA).
Heavy Bass & Dubstep.
While back at the beach, DJ Purple (USA) showing what he’s made of!
Big crowd for his mostly House set.
With skies clearing, the full Moon came out.
And we followed it back to neonGARDEN for DJ Jayda G (CDN).
Going mostly House for us. The last couple years this stage was in a large tent but this year it’s out in the open surrounded by shipping containers similar to what we’ve experienced at Igloofest Montreal.
We got to meet many new people yesterday at EDC!
Back to the Rynobus!
DJ Danny Time (USA)
Don’t forget the Rynobus goes Breaks today (Saturday) and you won’t want to miss it!
“Everybody shuffling!”
Time to visit the main stage!
Known as a Heavy Bass DJ and indeed he included a bit of that in his set, he went mostly EDM for us knowing he was on the kineticFIELD stage, not circuitGROUNDS.
We had last seen him at The Vanguard downtown.
I recall we had a debate about these a few years ago when I called them koala bears and others insisted they were monkeys! Cute tails literally and figuratively.
At Corona Beach, Ryan and Ian are DJ duo Truth x Lies (USA).
Based in NYC, first time seeing them.
The mushy sand from the hurricane may have kept some away. But considering how much rain Orlando received during that storm, the grounds overall were surprisingly dry.
Rynobus had a crowd.
For DJ Leondis (USA).
A UCF student, he typically plays at venues out that way.
He had the crowd bouncing.
Day was turning into night so over to the kineticFIELD main stage we went.
For the scheduled “sunset set” from DJ Kaskade (USA).
Playing from his huge catalog of dance hits.
Can never have enough of an EDM set from Kaskade.
The crowd was packed as far back as the Orange/Seminole County line!
Main stage lit up in all it’s glory!
As that flower we had seen all day turned into EDC‘s owl.
Looking over all the ravers!
Pretty amazing! Come out tonight and experience it yourself.
Back to the neonGARDEN. First time seeing DJ Alan Fitzpatrick (GB).
House and Tech House.
Hey Ladies!
Back atop the Bus for DJ Flashdrive (USA).
He had a crowd!
We first met Flashdrive when he was doing Friday night sets at Independent Bar as part of the “Discothèque” series.
Peeps after dark!
Spotted in the Men’s WC.
Corona Beach after dark and DJ Rohaan (GB).
First time seeing him play too.
While back at the Garden for Rune Reilly dba DJ Kølsch (DK).
He was quite animated.
Lots of stage effects here too.
The owl is still looking! Back to the main stage.
For DJ Afrojack (NL).
His mostly EDM set was a pleasure to listen to. Back in 2018 we got to see him up close and personal when he played a special set at Sirius/XM Studios in NYC. LINK
Electric daisies!
At steroBLOOM, one of my favorites!
DJ Ferry Corsten (NL)
That look you get from Trance.
More entertainment from the staff. DJ ATB (D) was supposed to play next but Ferry played an extended set. A lot of flights into Orlando were cancelled with the airport closed during the storm so we speculated that’s why he couldn’t make it. Overall, there were very few “scratches” in the lineup.
Instead, we got an earlier set from another favorite, DJ Andrew Rayel (MD).
You could tell he was excited to be there!
OK, time for one more set, this one back at kineticFIELD.
Main stage for the 11PM time slot. DJ Martin Garrix (NL).
He too has a huge catalog of EDM hits and he was dishing them out! We had actually seen him play earlier this year at Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas. LINK
Hey Ladies!
Day 1 of Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando is a wrap. Doors open at 1PM today for Day 2. Since Saturday is always the busiest day of EDC, we recommend you come early so you don’t miss your favorites. At the amazing Day 1, a good time was had by all.