Club Report: Omnia Nightclub (Las Vegas)

This is one of the towers that makes up Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Vegas has so many massive dance clubs such as Zouk which we visited Friday night…..
And here at Caesars on Saturday night, the best of all of them…..Omnia.
View of the main dance floor from the second floor terrace. It’s important to know that if you plan to be on the dance floor at a Las Vegas club, you need to stake out a place immediately upon entry.
Got some drinks and headed down there where we found resident Fergie DJ (GB) opening the show.
Early dance floor activity.
But literally 15-minutes later it had gotten like this!
Fergie DJ was playing a mostly House set which was a nice contrast to the mostly EDM set the night prior at Zouk.
Omnia‘s famous “spaceship” remained nested in the club’s ceiling!
But we did have a visit from a Joker-like character on the trapeze.
Dance floor side view shows how packed it had become.
Next up, good to see DJ Justin Mylo (NL) again.
By now the club was packed to the rafters!
A little more trapeze activity.
We first saw Justin Mylo here at Omnia back in 2019.
Lots of spray-down activity!
The spaceship was getting lit!
The lasers coming on was a good sign!
And then there he was, the No. 2 DJ in the world and previous No. 1: DJ Martin Garrix (NL)
The cameras came out and the vibe got crazy!
The spaceship came down from the ceiling and you could almost touch it!
Almost didn’t recognize Garrix with his beard! He didn’t have one when we previously saw him play here at Omnia in 2019 and looked even younger at the SiriusXM Music Lounge event in Miami in 2017.
His House / EDM set included a number of his own hits and he kept the dance floor jammed into the wee hours!
A good time was had by all.