EDC Week: Fashion Guide

Ladies, as a huge music festival arrives in town, you may be wondering what you should wear. So for your safety and convenience, Orlando Entertainment News has gone through a thousand+ pictures from recent festivals and put together this handy expert guide of DO‘s and DON’T‘s of festival fashion. This is a joke so please don’t take it seriously. Also, please note that this is unofficial information.
DO: Skimpy is good. It’s going to be warm out there again this year.
DO: Colorful is good. Don’t be a wallflower.
DO: Low Rise or High Rise, short shorts are always a welcome addition to any festival.
DO: Crop tops and booty shorts were big last year!
DO: If you got it, flaunt it. Halter tops are always a popular choice too.
DO: Or skip the top altogether!
DO: However if you’re a bit more modest, see-through is a reasonable compromise.
DO: Straps and straddles were big last year.
DO: Tu-tu’s remain a popular choice year after year.
DO: Costumes. In looking back at pics of earlier editions of EDC-Orlando, we’ve seen exponential growth in the wearing of costumes versus just wearing boring regular clothes. After all, you’re not going to the mall, you’re going to a music festival.
DO: Matching outfits within your krewe is increasingly popular too.
DO: But if you don’t have a krewe, even couples can match.
DO: Lots of silver metallic the last few years.
DO: Assless chaps were a new item last year and we hope to see many more this year!
DO: Fans are a top accessory to bring to the show. The clacking is fuckin’ annoying, but whatever.
DO: Sunglasses at night have been a top accessory choice too.
DO: Combat boots, especially Doc Martens, are increasingly the footwear of choice. They might be perfect if Day 1 is a bit muddy.
DO: We’ve seen more and more platform boots the past several years. They’re a great choice to allow you to see the DJ over the crowd in front of you.
Now several Don’ts: DON’T: Fluffies. We used to recommend them but they are no longer in style at the most-recent festivals we’ve attended. You may still see some but not like it used to be.
DON’T: Onsies. Yes, you’ll see these in use for sure but with temps in the low to mid 80’s, we can’t recommend them and you’ll be miserable.
DON’T: Heels. Most of the festival grounds are not paved and you’ll be in pain trying to walk around.
DON’T: Lastly, horizontal stripes. They can tend to make you look fat.

Hope to see you there!