EDC Orlando – Day 2

With just a few hours of sleep Friday night, here we were back for Day 2 of EDC – Orlando.
We began the day at the Corona Electric Beach stage where a DJ Fixion (USA) set was already in progress.
Kind of a mix of House and Bass so that’s either called Bass House or Future Bass.
Just a few on the sand at this early hour.
Our only visit of the day to the circuitGROUNDS stage was this early arrival.
Who dat under the shade?
DJ JEANIE (USA) putting out Dubstep and Heavy Bass. For the second day in a row, this stage would be dedicated to those genres.
Nearby, a couple of stations were available to construct your own kandi bracelets.
The Rynobus Art Car stage was where we would spend much of our day and evening as the day was dedicated to Florida Breaks and we could not miss that!
We arrived to find an opening set from DJ Bombtraxx (USA).
Just a handful down on the tarmac at this early hour.
First time seeing him play!
Next set began moment later.
DJ Losman (USA) on the controls.
He was quite animated during his entire Breaks set.
Losman was excited to be playing at EDC…..and it showed!
The music was attracting more people to this little enclave off to the side.
DJ Bobby Buzz (USA) taking over around 2:30PM.
We caught rumor of a show he is working on with Future Sound of Bass in Orlando that is likely to happen early in 2023 so stay tuned. You know how great those FSOB shows are!
Those shades over the decks were necessary to be able to read the displays under yesterday’s relentless Florida sun.
Breakers gotta break!
Next over to the stereoBLOOM stage.
To see DJ Torren Foot (AUS).
House music all day long at this stage!
And even though it was already 3PM, a contingent was already on hand.
Team photo!
Day peeps!
First visit of the day to the amazing kineticFIELD main stage.
High on the list to see Saturday, DJ Miss Monique (UA).
Techno Techno Techno from the only Ukrainian DJ at EDC-Orlando this year.
Her reputation preceded her.
Spotted at the barrier: World Famous Shawn Fenn who told us “Gonna enjoy Miss Monique’s set in a moment, but first, let me take a selfie.”
Back to the bus for a B2B set from DJ Si-Dog (USA) and DJ Dustin “Dynasty” Nelson (USA).
As more arrived.
Now based in Connecticut, Si-Dog has long been a part of Florida’s Breaks scene!
Quick visit to the neonGARDEN stage…..
Always great to see DJ Will Clarke (GB).
For those that found it hard to get out of bed Saturday morning, EDC allows you to bring your bed with you!
We spent most of our day at Rynobus because this is where Florida’s contribution to dance music had a home yesterday.
DJ KJ of K5 (USA
With live vocals from Dance singer Dana Dee (USA).
It was definitely a “wow” moment!
KJ’s most famous hit is likely “Passion” as seen in this video from MTV Europe.
Excitement as more people headed this way!
Up next for DJ Mondo (USA).
Mondo is a resident DJ at Hakkassan at the MGM Grand and Omnia Nightclub in Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.
Tag team set with DJ Chris Craze (USA).
They both had the dance floor bouncing!
As dusk sets in, the kineticFIELD stage really displays its glory.
It was so crowded, couldn’t get any closer than this distant view to see DJ Dom Dolla (AUS).
He would play several of his recent hits but the distance kept it from being enjoyable to me.
This stage tho…..
From even further away, that stage! Sources say there were over 87,000 in attendance yesterday.
Was able to see the drone show.
Just amazing…..and that owl showed up again too!
Great view of the downtown Orlando skyline from up in Camping World Stadium.
Night peeps!
Spotted in VIP: Dance singer Dana Dee flaked by SarahK & Melissa.
Caught just a few minutes of a House set from DJ Vintage Culture (BR).
Oh wow, the lasers were flying!
But needed to head back to the bus!
Where there was a crowd!
DJ Heather Collins (USA)
Joined by Jesse James (USA) on the electric violin!
And the place was absolutely PACKED!
Who knew that violin and Breaks would work so well together? Well we did, because we saw them perform together this past March during Miami Music Week.
The mayhem continued with DJ Rob E (USA) and DJ Dave Gluskin (USA) performing together as Audiotrap (USA).
Their fast-paced set had the bus bouncing…..literally!
As well as the crowd below!
All dancing spots were taken!
Quick visit back in the stadium to see a colleague. The lasers were on overdrive!
While we could barely see him from a distance, we could definitely hear him! DJ Timmy Trumpet (AUS) doing a DJ set…..and live trumpet set too.
More night peeps! So good seeing so many of you I already know and so many new acquaintances.
Despite reports to the contrary, Amanda and BrianCLT are still very much alive!
On this night dedicated to Breaks & Bass, couldn’t stay away for long though.
An amazing number here to experience it.
Back to back sets from DJ Huda Hudia (USA) and DJ 30A (USA).
Both famous veterans of the Breaks scene!
Always a treat to hear Huda Hudia play!
Jammed as far as you could see!
Likely a lot of people experiencing Breakbeats for the first time.
Little room to move about the dance floor.
Take DJ Supernaut (USA)…..
And put him with DJ Jimi The Genius (USA)…..
And you’ve got DJ duo Super Genius (USA).
It was crazy down there!
Everyone was having a good time!
11PM had arrived way too quickly so time for just one more set.
Another veteran of the scene, DJ Jason Brown (USA).
Crowd thinned a bit as there was a mash rush for the exits to beat the traffic.
Put the party continued!
Sorry we didn’t catch everyone at Rynobus but we had other stages to visit too. This stage goes Dubstep today for Day 3 so we plan to check out more of the other offerings. But wow, everywhere we went and especially at the Breaks stage, a good time was had by all.