Skyline Music Festival – Day 2

Day 2 of Skyline Orlando Music Festival arrived and departed way too quickly!
Beginning at 5PM on a blazing hot Florida afternoon, there were only a handful of dancers to start-off.
All three Skyline stages began the day with popular local acts and at the Horizon Stage we found DJ duo Yokai (USA) putting out mostly House.
They had played an opening set at EDC-Orlando last November.
At the Panorama Stage, the opening crowd was even fewer in the heat of the day.
For DJ Lord Rash (USA).
We had just seen Lord Rash earlier this month at Gilt Concert Venue when he opened for Nic Fanciulli (GB).
Momma didn’t raise no dummies. The place to be at this early hour was the indoor and air conditioned Garden Stage.
For a b2b set from DJ Dre Mendez (USA) and DJ Caleb Dent (USA).
We’ve seen these guys play at numerous downtown clubs and they always draw a crowd!
Their set was House with a tinge of EDM at times.
They were followed by DJ Honeyluv (USA).
Originally from Cleveland but now based in Los Angeles, we had first seen Honeyluv right here on this same stage on New Years Day when she played at Countdown Orlando Invasion.
Her booming House set had the room bouncing!
I had overlooked on Day 1 that there was a Logo store on the grounds.
Back at the Panorama Stage, still just a few out in the sun but there was a group huddled in the shade.
First time seeing DJ Carlita (TR).
Techno Techno Techno!
Wearing popular wide leg pants that we saw all over Europe earlier this week.
Later in her set, the population out here grew as the sun finally lowered in the sky.
At Horizon Stage, DJ Malone (USA) came on next.
First time seeing this Miami-based DJ play.
And the dance floor began filling here too.
Compared to Friday, it was an earlier crowd and a livelier crowd with much more of an EDC atmosphere!
Day time peeps! Some we know and many new ones.
A long line to get inside The Garden.
And jammed inside…..
For DJ Chelina Manuhutu (NL).
The 90’s are back according to Chelina! Originally from Amsterdam, she is now based in Ibiza.
Her Tech House set sounded amazing within these metal walls!
Everyone here to see this guy though: DJ Green Velvet (USA).
His set ranged from Tech House into Techno and he played several of his popular hits.
The stage was packed! During his set, day…..
turned into dusk…..
turned into night.
He’s a fellow graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Oskee wow wow, Illinois.
The buzz was that this guy was a must-see: DJ Ben Böhmer (D)
I did not see this coming but Ben Böhmer opened with Trance!
They were operating at high speed out on the tarmac!
Party in VIP!
I particularly loved his techy remix of Depeche Mode (GB) hit “Enjoy The Silence”.
Still a long line get inside The Garden but it was no longer for the A/C. This time it was to see…..
DJ Cloonee (GB)
He had just played on the famous Elixir patio this past February.
His House set kept the dance floor jammed!
And it actually got kind of warm and humid in there.
A couple of the great Security guards we encountered along the way.
They kept the operation running smoothly.
Back at the Horizon, a special club set from DJ duo Bob Moses (CDN).
Couldn’t stay for their entire set since we needed to keep moving, but their set was on the Progressive side of House music.
That look you get from great music!
First time seeing them play!
At the same time over at Panorama, first time seeing DJ Tennis (I).
He had a booming Hard House set.
Place was packed here too!
That’s a lighted hula hoop.
And some lighted spinning balls!
Night peeps. Some we know and many new ones.
It was already 10:30PM and time for the final 90-minute sets. First we visited The Garden.
DJ Slugg (USA) on the decks.
He’s a veteran of many of the local clubs.
And although the headliners were now playing at the other two stages, he held an impressive crowd.
A fine-looking crowd at that.
Closing out the Horizon Stage, Steven Zhu is DJ Zhu (USA).
His sets are described as religious experiences.
This was another DJ we had not seen previously.
He had the crowd in a frenzy!
At the Panorama Stage, the mysterious DJ Eric Prydz (S) closed out the show with Techno, of course.
So much talent at Skyline and a good time was had by all.