Skyline Music Festival – Day 1

Memorial Day weekend has arrived and so has Skyline Music Festival at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. OEN was there for Day 1.
It began at 5PM and we arrived to find music fans already on the grounds. There were three stages of music and we began here at the Horizon Stage.
Where we found DJ Pacho Berrocal (USA) on the decks.
All three stages would vary between Techno, House and Tech House all night long with none of that head-banging Heavy Bass stuff, lol.
The second outdoor stage was called the Panorama Stage and there was a few people here already too.
Here we found DJ Schmitty (NL/USA) playing Techno.
The third stage is indoors and was called The Garden Stage.
In the hot and muggy late-May Florida sun, the A/C in here was popular!
And here we found DJ Sinopoli (USA).
Sinopoli is based in Miami.
The early crowd was looking very good indeed!
Back to the Panorama Stage where the crowd was growing.
For DJ Avision (USA) bringing his Techno.
First time seeing him even though he had played at Henao in 2019 and at Elixir back in January.
Avision had the crowd bouncing!
More people at Horizon.
DJ Monoky (USA)
Tech House set.
Back into the air conditioning!
DJ Sohmi (USA) doing Minimal Techno.
She was moving so fast she was hard to capture on film!
Big crowd gathered in the darkness!
There are ample drink booths at Skyline.
And in lieu of food booths they had food trucks.
Thus plenty of food options.
And no missed opportunities to stay hydrated.
We met lots of new peeps!
People kept streaming in.
It was 7PM and time for some DJ J.Worra (USA).
Her set was mostly on the House side and sometimes a bit EDM.
Large crowd here now for this Chicago-based DJ.
Large crowd too now at the Panorama Stage.
First time seeing DJ Anfisa Letyago (RUS).
You can never have enough Techno!
The crowd agreed!
Back in the garden for a b2b set from DJ Aneme (GB) and DJ Serge Devant (RUS).
They were booming out the House! First time seeing Serge Devant since he played at Celine in 2019.
And having a good time doing it!
The Skyline grounds had some interesting selfie-taking locations.
And this 4-sided mirror intrigued many.
The stacked containers were reminiscent of Igloofest-Montreal which we’ve covered numerous times.
There are some electric features at Skyline but of course nothing like at Electric Daisy Carnival. That is something to experience! Advance Ticket LINK.
Always great to see the personable DJ Will Clarke (GB).
He always draws large crowds.
With his 8PM set, it was definitely jammed!
Back to Horizon Stage which was equally jammed.
DJ J.Worra still on for an unexpected “extended” set.
Bell bottoms are back!
Running late, DJ Channel Tres (USA) took over.
And his booming House set took no prisoners!
We ran into many DJ’s we know from the Florida scene!
Back to the Panorama Stage.
Looking good: DJ Anna (BR/E)
Day had turned into night during her Techno set.
But we went back inside The Garden.
A DJ duo set from Whomadewho (DK).
Normally a pop trio…..
Bringing some interesting equipment with them.
Over at Horizon Stage, DJ Hot Since 82 (GB).
We checked our archives and could find no record of seeing Hot Since 82 previously even though he had played locally at clubs like Tier and Celine. So it was great to finally hear him play.
Party in VIP.
Night peeps!
Anna Anna Anna means Techno Techno Techno!
And even more from the Panorama closing set of DJ Adam Beyer (S).
I had begun my Thursday morning in Stockholm so I felt a connection with this Stockholm-based DJ.
Closing set in The Garden…..
Local-favorite DJ Phoenix Jagger (USA).
We knew him before he became famous!
And to close out the evening over at the Horizon Stage, DJ Chris Lake (GB).
His set included a lot of Chris Lake classics!
If you’re coming out to Day 2 of Skyline this evening, here’s the lineups and set times! Day 1 was great and Day 2 should be even better with DJ’s such as Green Velvet (USA), Tennis (I/P), Eric Prydz (S) and Zhu (USA). Avoid the lines by getting your tickets here now.
At Day 1 of Skyline Orlando, a good time was had by all. Hope to see you at Day 2.