Concert Report: Countdown Orlando Invasion

Already booked for EPCOT on NYE, we could only attend Day 2 of Countdown Orlando Invasion. Taking place at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, it was an amazing setting for a music festival.
Presented by Insomniac, it was like a mini-EDC right down to the butt cheeks!
There was a board to post your New Years resolutions.
A booth to apply some glitter.
An alien-themed swing set.
And plenty of alien-themed signs too.
PLUR rules were in effect.
Aliens were still around though, beaming some cattle up to their spacecrafts!
Although there were plenty of portopottys, the Fairgrounds location also allowed for a couple of actual physical WC buildings!
There were food trucks.
And plenty of food and drink stations.
November’s Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando had three stages of music while Countdown Orlando Invasion had three.
The main stage called Mothership was akin to EDC’s kineticFIELD stage.
Insomniac holds Discovery Project sessions to locate aspiring DJ’s and the opening set here on the main stage was one of their winners…..
He played a great House set which ended all too soon!
Afterwards, we got to meet the Miami-based DJ along with his entourage.
DJ Adam Auburn (USA) had taken over next.
He is based in Los Angeles.
He continued the House vibe but as is typical with openers, only a few had arrived yet on the tarmac. But I loved the ending with a remix of Dom Dolla (AUS) hit “San Frandisco“.
The second main stage, akin to EDC’s circuitGROUNDS stage, was called the Nebula Stage.
Just a few here as well at this early hour.
For DJ Goon (USA)
Going all Dubstep / Heavy Bass on us!
Like circuitGROUNDS at EDC, this stage would remain all-Heavy Bass all night.
And with the overall young crowd and location near the entrance, it would get crowded the soonest!
DJ Steller (USA) was up next here at Nebula.
More Heavy Bass.
She had the early arriving headbangers banging heads!
All over the field!
The third area of music was indoors. Titled Twilight Zone last night, it’s typically called the Orlando Warehouse.
The entrance was curiously on the side of the building but it brought you right onto the dance floor. Given the dark nature of this stage, it was similar to EDC’s neonGARDEN stage.
Which was a bit spartan at this early hour.
But a great Techno/Tech House session delivered by local favorite DJ Pacho Berrocal (USA). We had not seen him play since his set at EDC-Orlando back in November.
The only air conditioned venue on this sunny 84F° January afternoon, Twilight Zone began to build a crowd.
With DJ Phoenix Jagger (USA) taking over next. He also played at the recent Electric Daisy Carnival!
His set included a lot of Vocal House and had the growing crowd bouncing!
Besides the air conditioning, this building also had these! Back in the day we used to call them electric outlets but I think the modern term they use now is “charging stations”.
Up next a DJ I had not seen play previously.
DJ Daizy (USA)
Her set ranged from Trance to Techno so perhaps it was Tech Trance?
Some cool lighting in here.
With plenty of room to dance for the growing crowd.
A great vibe in here all night.
Now back outside to the Mothership for DJ Gattüso (IL).
At every festival there is always one or two DJ’s we’re not familiar with that blow-up the show with an unexpected but amazing set. For last night, that was DJ Gattüso!
The Gattüso Fan Club was here in support!
His set included some requisite Acraze (USA) but also some Zedd (D).
As dusk arrived, ending his set with the very Trancy “Back To Paris” which had only been released on NYE!
Back to Nebula.
Dusk arriving here too.
For DJ Rated R (USA).
Dubstep of course for this DJ that we saw on the circuitGROUNDS stage at EDC Day 1 in November.
She’s just tying here shoe.
Back to the main stage!
For Audien (USA).
This stage has a large paved area forward but also a slanted grassy area aft which was where a lot of people stood or even layed blankets.
Audien delivered an EDM set that included many of his own hits from the past decade.
Quick visit to circuitGROUNDS Nebula which was totally jammed!
I think DJ Versa (USA) was up there but he was hard to see through the fog!
Plus I was distracted for a moment.
We did get some people pics!
After a quick bite to eat, back to the Mothership.
DJ Wax Motif (AUS)
House music all night long.
Lighting effects in full display now with a huge crowd here too!
Standing tiny behind the decks back at Nebula, DJ Audiffred (MEX) was playing Heavy Bass.
While ZHU (USA) delivered a House set back at the main stage.
And it had gotten really crowded here too!
In the Twilight Zone, the timetable showed Ivvy (USA) was scheduled but crouched over the decks and apparently short, the DJ was next to impossible to see.
The lighting was good.
And there was a decent crowd in the room.
Another surprise set from a DJ we’ve not seen previously: DJ HoneyLuv (USA).
Had to look her up. She’s originally from Cleveland but now based in Los Angeles.
Her set ranged between House and Tech House and had gathered what was perhaps the largest crowd of the evening here in the TZ.
With lots of lasers too!
DJ Danny Daze (USA) was up next.
Was difficult to get a good picture of him in the darkness.
He was all over the spectrum with his set; I heard some House, some wobble Dubstep, some DnB and ending with Techno.
He was followed by DJ Qrion (J). She had played in October at Elixir Bar.
The lasers were flying!
And the dance floor continued to hold a decent crowd.
OK, one final visit to Nebula where DJ Trivecta (USA) was playing. He’s based in Tampa.
The heads were still banging.
And to close out our evening, a final visit to the Mothership for DJ Madeon (F).
He’s performed a couple times at the Plaza Live these past few years but I’ve not seen him since he played at EDC – Orlando back in 2013 when he was just 19-yrs old!
DJ Gryffin (USA) & DJ duo Slander (USA) would play here later so no one was leaving!
Packed to the rafters!
At all the stages last night at Countdown Orlando Invasion, a good time was had by all.