Club Report: Memento Mori

The warehouse says “Clearone Badminton” on the outside but for those in the know, there’s a dance club inside! Barbarella 2.0 heretofore has been open on Saturday nights only but on this holiday weekend it was open Sunday night too for a special edition of “Memento Mori“.
Arriving around 11PM, was surprised to find a full parking lot and walked into this!
And a drink line too!
Of course in the booth, Memento Mori resident DJ Lavidicus (USA).
The Goths come out at night! Black was the fashion of choice.
The music a mix of Industrial, EBM, Darkwave and Goth.
The DJ kept the dance floor active.
Still only a beer and wine club, they do offer a large assortment of pre-mixed cocktails. I don’t know how putting gin & tonic in a can instead of a cup creates such a nasty-tasting concoction but it is what it is. And truth be told, two of these gave me quite a buzz!
Crop tops, miniskirts and platform boots. And that was just the guys!
Last night wow, a good time was had by all. UPDATE: Memento Mori goes monthly beginning in August. The second Friday of every month will be home to MM at Barbarella 2.0.