Club Reports: Independent Bar, Elixir Bar

You know by now if it’s at all possible on a Saturday night, we’re going to try to stop by Independent Bar. And it had been awhile!
Just like the good old days at I-Bar, DJ Rob (USA) in the perch.
We arrived relatively early but the dance floor was already active.
The music 80’s Alternative.
DJ Rob is also the Friday night resident at the Dark Wave Goth club Manikin in Sanford.
Spotted near the entry, DJ Parry (USA) flanked by Darielle and Renee.
And here Jennifer joined-in for the pic.
Spotted in VIP: Jeff & Karen from Mannequins at Pleasure Island.
Speaking of PI, chain link added around the dance platform reminded me of club Cage which was there and later became 8TRAX.
I’m sure there’s a story here.
The crowd size ebbed and flowed but it was the busiest I’ve seen it at I-Bar since the covid19 reopening!
Come on out on Saturday nights because everybody loves the 80’s!
Couldn’t get into The Patio because both lines were long but there’s always fun at Elixir Bar!
Inside we found DJ duo Breikthru (USA) playing House. They open for Cash Cash (USA) and Morten (DK) at The Vanguard on February 27th. ADVANCE TICKETS
The inside bar was busy and the small dance area stayed active.
As it typical, the crowd was outside on Elixir‘s famous patio.
Music delivered by DJ duo Meen (USA).
The music had the crowd moving.
Wasn’t as packed as we often see here but hardly empty either.
House music all night long.
Spotted in the vestibule: DJ Swagkerr (USA) and Kelly
A good time was had by all.