Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival – Day 1

Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival is in town this weekend, taking place yesterday and later today at the Fairgrounds. We arrived as day was turning into night but it was sufficient time to check the layout of the festival grounds. Like last year, there are 5 stages of music. We’ll give you a tour in clockwise order beginning near the festival entrance. This is the Forbidden Stage. It can be considered the main stage this year.
Taking place in a covered dome, it is reminiscent of the old Neon Garden stages at EDC-Orlando a few years back, although not as wide. It was absolutely packed last night so we didn’t try to make our way forward.
A lot of people were watching from monitors outside and we were able to see a b2b set in progress between Jess (USA) and DJ duo Adventure Club (CDN).
Moving along, a permanent covered facility was home to the Mystic Stage. Yesterday and last night, it was mostly the home to the increasingly popular Drum & Bass genre.
DJ K Motionz (GB) was in the booth during our visit, delivering the fast stuff!
First time seeing this DJ. Other DnB DJ’s playing here yesterday included duo Delta Heavy (GB), DJ Skellyton (USA), and DJ Mefjus with MC Daxta (A). Love how U.S. crowds are embracing DnB.
Moving to the Village Stage along the lake at the rear of the grounds.
We were hearing Dubstep and Heavy Bass here but needing a drink, we didn’t stay long.
Overall a pretty young crowd at FKMF, hardly unexpected.
The fourth stage is up these stairs and usually goes by the name of the Orlando Amphitheater.
For the festival, it goes by the name of the Cyberian Stage and it came with lots of fire!
Among the flames, DJ Kai Wachi (USA).
This stage is at the bottom of a grassy hill and it was packed.
Scattered around the festival grounds, plenty of food and drink vendors.
A couple of food trucks too.
A large shopping village.
Even a mobile boutique!
We saw two different girls last night each wearing two different color shoes, black and white. Is this a tictoc thing? This could be an emerging trend that we might need to include in our annual Festival Fashion Guide this Fall. We shall see!
The 5th area of music is called the Dragon’s Den Chill Zone. It’s the only indoor space at the festival and…’s air conditioned!
After sunset it was actually kind of cool outdoors so this room wasn’t that crowded. During the day it’s likely rather jammed in here.
A rather animated DJ was playing Heavy Bass during our visit.
Not wanting to bother him, we didn’t get his name.
There were people dancing though.
Back in the day we used to call these electrical outlets but I believe the kids today call them charging stations. The Dragon’s Den has these and they’re free.
The only other DJ we wanted to see last night was DJ Reaper (USA) so we returned to the Mystic Stage.
We had seen him last year at FKMF and he’s known for mixing DnB, Dubstep and EDM.
He had the heads bangin’ at times while for other songs he had their feet moving at high speeds! They were loving it!
Day 2 of Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival begins at 1PM today and runs until 11PM here at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. The Saturday international lineup (available here) includes DJ Virtual Riot (D), DJ Marauda (AUS), DJ duo Black Tiger Sex Machine (CDN), Blog-favorite DJ Steller (USA) and many, many more! Last night, as you can see, a good time was had by all.