Club Reports: Mon A Q @ Arena Art Bar, Grumpys Underground

Several buildings downtown were showing their support for “Gay Days”.
Most of the events are taking place near Walt Disney World, Universal Citywalk and Sea World.
In a previous life, The Arena Art Bar was Suite B Lounge/Peek Downtown which we always called “Orlando’s Home of Breaks”. And last night it became once again, Orlando’s Home of Breaks!
Of course we first had to get past Door Hostess Tori who was scrutinizing our tickets to make sure they were legit.
With approval to enter finally received, we walked-in to find DJ Frankmatik (USA) in the corner booth.
Breakbeats were the order of the evening, being played, of course, off vinyl.
Even before 10PM, there was already a crowd in the club.
Lots of Suite B memories in this room, especially when Breaks are being played!
Up next, DJ Bounce (USA).
Playing a Breakbeat version of “I Just Wanna Use Your Love Tonight”.
Even this early in the program…..
…..he had the club bouncing!
DJ’s? Yes, we saw DJ’s! Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Loops (USA) flanked by DJ Slay (USA) and DJ Love Lee (GB/USA).
Spotted by the stage: DJ Loops with Sandra.
Spotted by the bar: DJ Ms. MF (USA) with friend.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Æon (USA) with Holly.
Spotted near the bar: DJ Geebo (USA) (far left) with his entourage.
Spotted by the box office: DJ Alpha (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Berto (USA) (2nd from right) with DJ Love Lee (far left) along with Jim & Janet. When Jim & Janet are at a Breaks event, you know it’s a great one!
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Freeda Sol (USA) with friend.
Spotted by the pillar: DJ Pepper (USA) with friend.
Spotted dancing: DJ Ofay (USA)
Spotted with his bride: DJ Ofay with Natasha.
Around 10:45PM, DJ Loops (USA) would take control.
Lots of what we now call Classic Dance in his set. Back then, so many Dance hits were Breaks.
That look you get from great Breaks.
Crowd was building for the headliner who would be arriving shortly.
So great to see our old home drawing crowds.
DJ Geebo (USA) coming on briefly to deliver some scratchin’ lessons.
We haven’t seen Geebo on the decks since before covid.
Some great turntablism!
We met so many peeps last night. Some we knew (like Frank) and some were new.
And then the limo pulled up, and there she was! Last night’s headliner, looking amazing, Dance Singer Mon A Q (USA).
Group pose.
She delivered her three biggest hits beginning with “Feel The Rhythm“.
Followed by “Take My Love”.
Everyone in the club was watching intensely!
And finally, her biggest hit, the one everyone was gathered to hear her sing. Making it high on the Billboard Hot Dance Play chart back in 1997, “Stay In Love“. And we got the extended version too; Crank up the volume! Awesome!!
The Arena Art Bar is themed like it’s a sports arena. There’s a Box Office.
A real scoreboard.
One thing it doesn’t have are arena prices like that other arena across I-4. Karly was kept busy last night!
And Suite B original bartendress Lindsay tends here occasionally as well. Spotted last night with friend.
Following Mon A Q was no easy feat and DJ Ofay had that responsibility.
And he delivered, playing my absolute favorite “Everyday
Club stayed jammed!
A good time was had by all.
But wait, there’s more! Breaks were happening at The Arena last night but they were also happening over at Grumpys Underground.
We arrived after midnight to find DJ Jimi the Genius (USA) in the perch at the front of the room.
It’s always a great night when this Miami-based DJ plays Orlando.
That look you get from great Breaks.
That look you get from great Breaks.
Grumpys was as crowded as we recall seeing it.
Jimi the Genius had the dance floor bouncing!
DJ’s? Yes, we saw DJ’s! Spotted by the booth, DJ Nelly Fre$h (USA).
Spotted in VIP: DJ J-ROK (USA) with Roxana.
Spotted outside: DJ Losman (USA) with Sandi Kathleen and Jasmin.
Spotted on the front foyer: DJ Timebomb (USA) with Tanyia.
Spotted on the patio: DJ Solstice (USA) & DJ Spark-D (USA).
Spotted in the booth: DJ Jimi the Genius with DJ Sketti (USA) who had played earlier.
So many familiar faces at Grumpys last night!
When Jimi the Genius teams up with DJ Supernaut (USA), they become DJ duo $uperGeniu$. The two will be playing at The Hammered Lamb on Saturday, June 15th, presented by Best of Breaks. Advance tickets can be purchased here.
Taking over late, DJ duo Bass Misfits (USA).
After 1AM and the dance floor stayed jammed.
Megs was holding her ground though.
Not just one club playing Breakbeats last night, but two! And they were both amazing events. Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.