Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival – Day 2

Day 2 of Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival had arrived and we began in the air-conditioned Dragon’s Den building in order to get the camera situated for the day.
The Dragon’s Den was like an island oasis. Not only was it air conditioned, but it was an island of House music in the sea of Dubstep and Heavy Bass outside! The day began with DJ Ricardog (YV/USA) in the perch.
This year’s festival grounds with 5 stages of music. Taking place at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, it is so much-more compact than Electric Daisy Carnival which takes place at Tinker Field every November. Nonetheless, plenty of steps were taken.
The Orlando Amphitheater is known as the Cyberian Stage during Forbidden Kingdom. Early in the day, it was not surprising to find just a few fans out on the tarmac.
From the Florida keys, an opening set from DJ Nobodies King (USA). As we caption these pictures for today’s article we will skip mentioning the music being played because everybody was playing Dubstep and Heavy Bass. We will mention when we heard something else.
The grounds were filled with locations to take selfies or group pictures.
This wall beside the Orlando Warehouse building proved popular too.
Continuing our tour in a counter-clockwise direction, Forbidden Kingdom‘s smallest outdoor stage was called the Village Stage.
Just a few on hand during this initial hour.
First time seeing this Louisiana-based DJ.
Next door, the covered and thus shady Mystic Stage. It was home yesterday to the “Hype or Die Takeover“.
Not surprised to already find a crowd in here.
For Ottawa-based DJ Hamro (CDN).
They had a couple of these shade tents around the grounds but few takers at this early hour. That would change.
The fifth stage, reminiscent of the Neon Garden stage a few years ago at EDC-Orlando, the Forbidden Stage.
Also in the shade, the venue would prove to become increasingly popular as the day wore on.
DJ duo Dream Takers (USA) were performing.
They had the heads banging!
They were both so animated!
They are based in Fort Lauderdale.
Back in the coolness, DJ Anaili (USA).
And playing some “chill” House for us!
The day’s first dancer had arrived too.
Out in the shopping area was a large FKMF Logo Store but there was a Logo mini-mart indoors here.
And the absolute cutest Associates worked here too!
Back at the Cyberian Stage, a crowd was growing.
Even the grassy knoll behind it was gaining attendance. This would become completely packed later!
And there they were…..the masked DJ trio Hostage Situation (USA).
In a day filled with firsts, first time seeing this Denver-based group.
A lot of people ask me if it’s worth buying VIP at these music festivals. This is the General Admission side at this early hour.
This is VIP side at this early hour. (Both become crowded later in the day.) And one more thing if you’re prone to need to use the WC. VIP gets use of air conditioned bathrooms while GA gets port-o-potties. So the answer to the question is so much YES!
That look you get from great music!
Heading back again to the Village Stage.
It was already quite jammed.
That monkey mask can only mean one thing!
DJ Chango (USA).
Back into the shade at the Mystic Stage.
Some of his selections began with EDM and he then turned them into Dubstep.
Big crowd gathering but there was still capacity in there!
Room with a view!
We ran into so many peeps. Most were new but some we knew!
Thank you everyone for your poses!
Back into the dome!
DJ Rated R (USA)
A big name in the Dubstep business, literally and figuratively.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
The shade tents had become a bit more crowded.
Back into the chill zone and DJ Cat Carbajal (USA).
House music all night long.
She was followed by DJ Juliana (USA) aka Juls.
She moved the music into vocal House.
With songs by John Summit (USA) & Bad Bunny (USA) getting the dance floor populated.
All of a sudden a large queue was forming next to me.
There was a meet-and-greet in progress. Not positive but I think that was DJ Sullivan King (USA). If not, someone please correct me.
FBMF stages are nowhere near as impressive as EDC stages but they do a good job. Back to the Cyberian Stage for one of our Heavy Bass favorites.
DJ Steller (USA)
We had seen her play last year at Forbidden Kingdom as well as earlier in the year at Okeechobee Music Festival.
Heading back to the Mystic Stage again but we first had to get past this!
It was not only jammed inside, but the crowd had spilled outside too!
See what we mean!
Another Canadian…..
Montreal-based DJ INFEKT (CDN).
Another visit to the Village Stage for the intriguing DJ Hi I’m Ghost (USA).
The music so banging, the crowd was literally shaking the barrier!
Back indoors for our union-mandated dinner break and…..
…..another dose of House music from DJ MRO (USA).
His mostly Latin House and Classic Dance set had the dance floor bouncing!
I did not get the name of the next DJ taking control.
He continued with the good stuff.
And it was packed in here too!
Another visit to the Orlando Amphitheater.
She was having a good time up there!
At this juncture we had a rain shower come through. It did come with a rainbow though. It was nothing like last year’s festival where the rain was accompanied by lightning, resulting in a ground stop. Last night, the show went on!
One last time onto the main stage and DJ Level Up (USA).
She was SO animated that it was hard to get pics of her!
She had the room just a little jammed!
Packed to the rafters, actually!
The obligatory head-banging, of course!
The 3-day Electric Daisy Carnival-Orlando comes to town November 8-10 and includes not only Dubstep and Heavy Bass but also House, Techno, Trance, DnB and Breaks. We should see some initial DJ announcements by the end of summer. More EDC info and advance tickets here. Thank you to Insomniac for the professional courtesies. At Forbidden Kingdom, a good time was had by all.