Club Reports: Morse Code, Elixir Bar, Iron Cow

Saturday night began in downtown Winter Park at up-and-coming nightspot Morse Code.
We walked into THIS!
Dressed in white, DJ Charles Anthony (USA) was in the booth upon arrival playing Classic Dance songs like “Fine Day”.
A few minutes later, also dressed in white, DJ Ashley Anderson (USA) took over.
She would do a Classics set as well, but all off vinyl.
We had heretofore only known Ashley as vocalist as seen in this 2020 Blog archives photo taken at Ace Cafe Orlando.
Her set had the dance floor bouncing. It was at this moment that we realized that nearly everyone in the club was wearing white and that we never got the memo! Turns out it was a birthday party for Ashley.
Taking over next, St. Louis-based DJ Angela Villin (USA).
She would continue with an Old Skool Breaks set.
First time seeing her on the decks since this set at EDC-Orlando back in 2019.
Always a good crowd on-hand at Morse Code.
Spotted in VIP: Lanie, Rose & Pedro
Next we went from DTWP to DTO and Blog-favorite Elixir Bar where we found a long line to get in.
Outside on their famous dance patio, we walked into THIS!
No wonder. The headliner had just come on.
DJ Oscar G (USA)
The Miami-based DJ plays here several times per year.
We’ve commented in the past that a lot of old school NYC DJ’s prefer to use a hand-held earphone for mixing rather than the now-standard pair of headphones.
Pillars are up as construction continues on a new roof/cover over the DJ booth. There used to be one there but it was removed ahead of Hurricane Ian back in 2022.
Dance floor was absolutely packed for his House set.
Next we headed for the second night in a row to the Milk District and dance club Iron Cow.
Where we walked into THIS!
We were able to catch the last twenty minutes of a mostly Liquid DnB set from DJ AK1200 (USA).
When you think of Drum & Bass in the United States, you can’t help but think of AK1200.
All too soon it was time for the shift change. Coming on at 12:15AM…..
The headliner, the DnB legend…..DJ LTJ Bukem (GB).
LTJ Bukem’s DJ name supposedly came from his nickname “book ’em” which derived from the original TV show “Hawaii Five-O” where the main character Steve McGarrett would say “Book ’em Danno” when someone was arrested.
Drum & Bass is having a moment in the electronic dance music scene and the floor last night was absolutely packed!
All taking place beneath the shiny disco ball.
The bar last night stayed absolutely packed too! I didn’t even try.
Spotted by the stage: Miami Hurricanes #1 fan Johnny Gamez (right) with friend.
Spotted on the dance floor: Kim (left) with Brooke.
Spotted in VIP: Ronda with last night’s opener, DJ Circle K (USA).
Spotted outside: Iman, Babita & Dina
Back inside, Bukem kept delivering the beats at high speed.
1:30AM and no one was leaving just yet! Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.