Club Reports: Euphoria, McQueens, Pretty Please, The Robinson, Iron Cow

It’s Friday night, then Saturday Sunday WHAT! Beginning the weekend at Euphoria.
Located in the V-District, this was previously eVe Nightclub and it still has the most spectacular stairwell in Orlando.
The stairs bring you to the Front Room which has been completely redone from its eVe days. The club’s bar is here and in the far corner, the DJ booth.
Here we found DJ Alex Viasa (USA) playing mostly Latin and a bit of Hip Hop.
The adjoining Main Room has been spectacularly redone from its eVe days. The dance floor in the middle is surrounded by VIP booths and the DJ booth is at the back. The bar that used to be in this room was removed. No one was here yet at this early 10PM hour.
DJ Mike Touch (USA) was in the booth playing Reggaeton. Don’t know if Euphoria is a Latin club on all nights but it definitely is on Friday night.
Next stop, another upstairs venue, McQueens.
There is only one room at McQueens with this large bar up front and another smaller bar all the way back.
DJ Pranksta (USA) was in the booth playing Hip Hop and Soul during our visit.
McQueens famous gold skull selfie wall is still here.
Spotted by the bar: Sam & Brandie
Located on Orange Avenue, Pretty Please has long had those “Coming Soon” signs. But we dropped by last night because supposedly it really is now “coming soon”. Sources say they will be playing House music on Saturday nights. Although this is just a small storefront adjacent Taco Bell Cantina and Vystar Credit Union, the area behind it used to be home to clubs Bar 1, 1 South and ONO Nightclub so there might still be a “big room” back there. We’ll keep you updated.
Another club located upstairs is The Robinson Cocktail Room.
As we’ve warned in the past, there can be a long queue to get in.
At the top of the stairs you arrive into their main room which contains a large bar. It was absolutely packed last night!
The adjacent Disco Room opens at 11PM.
And just a few minutes after they opened it, the dance floor was already jammed!
Friday night resident DJ Chino (USA) was putting out the House and EDM.
It gets like this every Friday night!
Because the peeps want House music.
We even heard Abba (S) hit “Gimme Gimme” by request from one of the dancers.
You know it’s a great club when there isn’t just one but MANY shiny disco balls!
Next we departed downtown Orlando and headed to the Milk District.
Construction continues along Robinson Street for Orlando’s new subway/metro Blue Line.
There’s always great music at Iron Cow.
Arriving around midnight, we walked into this.
Iron Cow resident DJ Matthew Scot (USA) was playing when we arrived.
House music all night long.
All non-vocal selections during the time we were there.
His set was a bit more on the Progressive side.
DJ’s? Yes, we saw DJ’s! Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Freeda Sol (USA) with her main squeeze, Justus.
Spotted by the bar: DJ Gregory B (USA) with his main squeeze, Emily.
Spotted outside: DJ Jerry “The Reverend” Johnson (USA) with DJ Atnarko (USA).
Atnarko had opened the show inside. Here we found him beside his main squeeze, DJ Lola B (USA).
Spotted on the sidewalk: Lola B comparing cleavage with friend.
Spotted on the dance floor: Emily, Peggy & Ben
Spotted taking a selfie: Freaky Frank
Spotted cavorting: Christina & Jody Marie
Back inside, the headliner had come on around 12:15AM…..
DJ Dave Seaman (GB)
He was more on the Tech House side…..
With his arrival, the dance floor went from this…..
… more like this!
He had played here at Iron Cow in April of last year but over time we’ve seen him at downtown clubs such as Vain, Sound Bar and The Social too.
June, 2015 Blog archives photo from his show at The Social.
Great show and a good time was had by all.