Club Reports: Bloodhound Brew, Arena Art Bar, Monkey Bar, Barbarella

We began this “party weekend” early at Bloodhound Brew.
We arrived to find acoustic night in progress ft. Francesca T. (USA)
Never made it inside because the crowd was all outside in this open-air covered patio area. Bloodhound is both a restaurant and brew pub and they have great wings!
She sang soft Rock/Pop anthems such as Eagles (USA) “Hotel California”, Cranberries (IRL) “In My Head” and 4 Non Blondes (USA) “What’s Up?”. Such a beautiful voice.
Spotted in VIP wearing Jorts: SarahK
Downtown on a Saturday night and over to The Arena Art Bar.
Walked into a pretty packed club in the former home of Suite B Lounge.
Caught the final few minutes of a set from DJ Gruvgirl (USA).
First time seeing her DJ but she looked oh so familiar.
Taking over next, DJ Gary Menichiello (USA).
He had the dance floor bouncing.
You never know what you’re going to encounter at Arena Art Bar but it does often tend towards electronic dance music.
Last night Gary Menichiello’s set was Minimal Techno with a touch of Industrial.
When you’re not dancing, they have games!
Spotted at the club.
The bar was busy last night.
Just before we departed, DJ Naughty Johnny (USA) took over.
He would continue with the Techno theme of the evening.
If you haven’t been back to our old Suite B Lounge home, you need to come check it out!
When we last visited Monkey Bar, it was closed due to an A/C issue. So it was great to find them open last night.
House music all night long.
Located on the second level of Wall Street Plaza, Monkey Bar has this indoor bar.
And this outdoor bar on the balcony overlooking Wall Street below.
Last night stage construction was in-progress. There will be a large block party tonight down here featuring DJ Vintage Culture (BR).
Final stop of the night: Barbarella
Here we found DJ Rob Bates (USA) in the booth when we arrived.
Although it was around 1AM, the dance floor was still pretty crowded.
The Saturday night music format is 80’s New Wave and Alternative.
This is a triple header weekend for Barbarella. They were open Friday night for Indie, last night for the 80’s and tonight for a special edition of Memento Mori with Industrial, Goth and other darker genres of music. As always, admission is FREE!
DJ Rob Bates’ set included a lot of songs that took us back to I-Bar in downtown Orlando.
We ran into so many people we know!
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.