Club Reports: Disney Club v Universal Club

Ever since Disney closed their Pleasure Island club complex in then Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs), Atlantic Dance Hall became their only remaining owned and operated dance club. And that’s where we began our Friday night.
Friday night resident DJ Ryan (USA) was in the booth delivering the goods.
The music at ADH is the proverbial wedding reception mix of pretty much anything and everything. We heard Line dances, old and new Top 40, 90’s Hip Hop, 70’s Disco, you name it.
The venue is huge so even when there’s a crowd, it doesn’t look or feel that way!
We’ve commented in the past that Atlantic Dance Hall is the only club in town where some of the patrons wear Mouse ears!
It’s the only club in town where you might see a Princess or two.
Or a Fairy.
The music during our visit ran the gamut from Run DMC to Shania Twain to Earth Wind & Fire. If you don’t like what’s being played, stick around because it will change in a moment!
Atlantic Dance Hall is located at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort in Bay Lake and admission & parking are FREE.
Next we went over to the competition at the Universal CityWalk complex. Their main dance club used to be The Groove but post-covid it became an escape room.
So then Red Coconut Club became their main dance club but it was surprisingly closed last night…on a Friday. We’ve seen some huge crowds in there on Fridays.
Music was coming outside Bob Marely’s so we went to check it out.
In the perch we found DJ Blacknight (USA).
They have a live band here and the DJ plays between sets.
Reggae and Caribbean beats kept the dance floor populated.
The band plays similar music when they’re on.
Latin Quarter at CityWalk is long gone and we’re not sure what’s going on music-wise at Margaritaville, so that leaves Rising Star at the only other music venue.
Yes, this is a Karaoke place but with a huge difference. On weekends, you’re not alone up there.
You get dancing girls!
And you get musical accompaniment.
Between Karaoke sessions the DJ cart is rolled-out onto the stage and here we spotted the mysterious DJ Mr. X (USA).
First time seeing Matt Rothlein here at CityWalk in several years!
The DJ music was Hip Hop classics and Top 40 and the crowd comes up by the stage to dance.
CityWalk is located at the Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando and admission & parking (after 6PM) are FREE. Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all. (Photo provided by DJ Mr. X; thanks!)