Club Reports: AC Sky Bar, Arena Art Bar, Elixir Bar

Saturday night in beautiful DTO!
We began our evening at AC Sky Bar located on the 17th floor of the AC Hotel by Marriott.
Up arrival on 17, you enter a large room with the hotel’s Reception Desk located at one end.
And this jammed bar at the other end.
In between, plenty of inviting seating with waitresses taking your drink orders.
Outside on the terrace, another jammed bar.
And another upscale seating area. If you arrive after 10PM, you may experience a wait for seating after getting off the lifts. AC Sky Bar remains very popular and admission is FREE.
Oh, and the views of Interstate 4 and Kia Center, home of the Orlando Magic NBA team, are top notch.
Most people know it as Suite B Lounge or Peek Downtown but new ownership has reopened our old downtown favorite as The Arena Art Bar.
Those two large pillars are still there.
Our favorite bar is still there too along with those rear wall lighted cut-outs.
Upon arrival, we found DJ Ms. MF (USA) on the decks.
Her set was mostly House with some House remixes of old Hip Hop songs.
A bit later, DJ Alpha (USA) took over the controls.
Her set was mostly House during our visit. We’re still working on a Suite B Reunion show to take place here later this summer so stay tuned!
Spotted at the Box Office: DJ Greywolf (USA), DJ Nelly Fre$h (USA) and DJ Solstice (USA).
Final stop, downtown favorite, Elixir Bar. Why do we keep going here? Because promoters keep booking world-class DJ’s here which you can see without the claustrophobia of those “big room” clubs.
Arriving close to midnight, we walked into this outside on their famous dance patio.
DJ Jesse James (USA) was still playing House upon our arrival.
But just a few minutes later, there they were, the headliners…..
DJ duo Cocodrills (USA)
We first experienced Cocodrills when they played at EDC-Orlando back in 2016. While approaching the Press entrance to EDC, we heard this amazing House set emanating from the southeast corner of the grounds. Home to the neonGARDEN stage in a large tent that year, we immediately went there and discovered Cocodrills.
Miami-based Cocodrills has played here at Elixir at least a dozen times over the years but they’ve also played at Celine and Vyce Lounge and back in the day, even at Senso Supper Club.
They brought some interesting equipment with them last night which they swapped-out on the fly.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.