MMW Day 2: The Get Down (Joint Of Miami)

Located on Miami Court in the Wynwood section of the city, this is the Joint Of Miami which last night played home to “The Get Down 3.0“, Miami Music Week‘s premier Breaks/Electro extravaganza.
But first you had to get past this Door Hostess who appeared friendly but scrutinized each ticket to assure no counterfeits!
There were 4 indoor rooms of music including the Mainstage.
The Side Room.
The new Far Room. This was added last minute because the evening’s weather forecast was for rain.
It replaced the outdoor patio which would not be a good place to hang-out last night.
The fourth area of music was this front area called The Get Down Room.
The festivities began at 7PM with the Mainstage getting cranked-up first.
Two Orlando boys got the music started. DJ Spark-D (USA) & DJ JRok (USA).
Breaks of course were the story of the evening!
The Side Room was next to get started and we found DJ Swagkerr (USA).
Swagkerr is based in the Cocoa/Melbourne area.
The room would stay busy because this year the club entrance was also located here.
In the Far Room, DJ Tempoe (USA) was the opener.
It was our first time seeing him play.
Spectators were slowly making their way throughout the club.
Up front in the Get Down Room, DJ Meaux (USA).
We always love it when she plays at an event.
In the main room, DJ Audiosal (USA).
He was also scheduled to be playing later at the massive Ultra Music Festival downtown.
Back on the far side, DJ Sum1 (USA).
We recall seeing him play in Fort Lauderdale Beach a few years back so it’s been awhile!
Some early fans on the dance floor.
In the side room, DJ JIX (USA).
First time seeing him too.
In the front room, Blog-favorite DJ Medley (USA).
Founding member of The Geishaz stable of female DJ’s.
MC Vixen Stylee (USA) would provide some narrative to the music while Jaime Blue (USA) would provide some vocals.
Meanwhile, in the same room, Rachel & Rose are aerialist duo “Hoopz”.
They would provide a stunning display on their hoop.
It was pretty amazing what they could do on there!
On the main stage, DJ James Wolfe (USA).
He is based in the Sarasota area.
Dance floor activity was beginning to pick-up.
It would get much more crowded than this…..stay tuned!
Now back to the Far room.
For DJ Gucci Bass (USA)
Alternating with DJ J-Break (USA).
They were going back-and-forth in the Far room.
Great sets from both.
Doing some dancing too!
Up front for DJ Laura D (USA).
Last week Miami New Times, the city’s alternative newspaper similar to Orlando Weekly in the Orlando market, named The Get Down 3.0 as one of this weekend’s top 5 events! You can see that article here.
As “Hoopz” continued to perform too.
And dancer Kriss Reign (USA) had arrived.
Time to visit the Side room again.
DJ Dozier (USA)
Of course a mostly-Breaks set.
His set was attracting a crowd.
The SEV girls were giving out free samples.
Throughout the night we ran into lots of peeps. Some were new and some we already knew.
DJ Medley (USA) and DJ Lady T (USA)
We first met them in 2018 when they opened for DJ Icey (USA) at Kill Your Idol in Miami Beach during Miami Music Week.
More peeps!
Bobbybuzz is a barber by day and DJ by night. Here he was showing off his handiwork on this woman’s scalp. I told her I could recommend an attorney.
Back on the main stage, more DJ’s than you could shake a stick at!
South Florida was in the club with DJ B Boy Roy (USA), DJ Skinner (USA) and DJ Robotic (USA).
It was only around 9:30PM but the dance floor was getting jammed!
The music was SO good!
It would soon become next to impassible.
We believe this was DJ False & Seen (USA) in the Side room.
He looked familiar but not sure if we’d seen him previously.
He had a crowd out there too!
Finally! DJ Lady T (USA).
So good to see her play again!!
And then in the main room, Chicago’s DJ Keith Mackenzie (USA).
Joined by MC Sporty-O (USA).
You can’t have a proper Breaks show without K-MAC!
Keith Mackenzie had played last year at Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando.
They say you can’t go wrong with Go Go girls.
Well damn, they were right!
By now it was packed out there!
If anything the rain outside might have kept a few people at home. But not many!
Keith Mackenzie was followed by DJ Jimi the Genius (USA).
We had just recently seen him play in Orlando but he’s actually based down here.
HE had the club bouncing.
Another Orlando-based DJ…..
DJ Crudawg (USA)
He kept this evening’s vibe going.
Breaks & Electro, of course!
We had seen him play at two different events last year during MMW.
His set drew a crowd too!
That look you get from great Breakbeats!
He was followed by DJ Soltek (USA).
The Get Down official tee-shirt was for sale in the Logo store.
We think we heard some Drum & Bass in his set!
The Geishaz tag team set had ended near midnight and DJ Berto (USA) took over the booth.
Another Orlando-based DJ playing last night.
Back to the Main stage. First you take David Noller…..
…..and add Todd Walker…..
And that gets you duo Dynamix II (USA).
We were having a discussion in our area about what music genre you would categorize them in. The consensus was Old School Electro and Miami Bass.
In the Far room, take DJ Bobbybuzz (USA)…..
…..add DJ Synergist (USA)…..
…..and you get new DJ duo Synerbuzz (USA).
The evening’s main headliner had finally come on at the Main stage: Egyptian Lover (USA)
First time ever seeing this icon of early dance music!
Egyptian Lover on the “808”.
Packed to the rafters to see him!
And finally, the song everyone was waiting for, his biggest hit from 1984: Egypt, Egypt
I would later tell him how thrilling it was to see him play that song live after hearing it in clubs all these years. He responded by saying how scary it was to know that song has been played now for 40 years!
More peeps!
That outfit tho…..
DJ Infiniti (USA) taking a picture of me taking a picture of him!
DJ Infiniti joined here by DJ JME Recstar (USA). She’ll be playing tonight at Sunshine State of Bass at Savage Labs Wynwood and OEN will have full coverage.
Speaking of DJ’s, we saw a bunch of them last night including Drum & Bass DJ Vixen Stylee (USA).
DJ Confusion aka Jeff Mars (USA) from ViBE FM 99.7 in Las Vegas.
Raleigh-based DJ Mizzo (USA). He had also performed at EDC-Orlando last year.
On the right, DJ ZZ (USA) with friend. ZZ plays tonight at Sunshine State of Breaks too.
DJ Ms Chevious (USA)
Sporty-O joined here by DJ Deekline (GB).
Sporty-O joined here by DJ Keith Mackenzie, Sarah of the Sarah-Squared Girls and DJ Si-Dog (USA) of Dog Eat Dog Records. A reminder the DEDR Pool Party is still-on for tomorrow afternoon and evening at High Bar in South Beach. Tickets at the door or in advance here.
Sarah visiting with DJ Jimi the Genius.
Sarah visiting with DJ Si-Dog.
DJ Mike Diesel (USA) taking over in the Get Down booth.
The event set list only indicated “Surprise Guest” here.
In the Side room, DJ Beezie (USA) had the final set.
We had first met this Tampa-based DJ more than a year ago when he played at Grumpy’s Underground in Orlando.
Final Main stage act, CHP Recordings.
But much of the party had shifted to the Far room where we found DJ Supernaut (USA) teamed-up with DJ Shade (USA),
Even Kriss Reign was back here!
The long, narrow dance floor was jammed!
What a night! In all 4 rooms, a good time was had by all.