MMW Day 1: Nexus Radio Lounge (South Beach)

Twice per year internet radio station Nexus Radio hosts one of their DJ interview lounges. One happens at the Amsterdam Dance Event in Amsterdam and the other occurs here in Miami Beach during Miami Music Week. Yesterday, we followed the signs into the Nexus Lounge.
There are two main rooms at the Nexus Lounge. This front room contains a credentials area, greeting area and this complimentary cocktail bar.
DJ interviews take place in the back room. During visits in prior years they would have 4 interview stations going-on but this year they had 5 operating simultaneously! It was intense!
Some of the DJ’s we recognized or met included DJ Lolo Mayhew (USA).
Masenzolo of DJ duo Andy Zeet & Masenzolo (I).
DJ duo Z3LLA (BR & IR). Their latest song “Why Should I” has been getting play on Dance stations such as Sirius/XM‘s “BPM“.
DJ Purple Disco Machine (D) posing for pics outside.
And then getting interviewed inside.
DJ Arodes (E)
He recently made the cover of “We Rave You” magazine.
Out on the patio, we met DJ Alexis Nikki (USA) with her mom. She previously operated under DJ name Kleøpatra on the Dubstep/Heavy Bass side of music but recently rebranded to focus on House.
We’d see her later inside for her interview.
Docs for the win!
DJ Anabel Englund (USA)
We saw her in Orlando last November when she played at Electric Daisy Carnival.
Vini Vici (IL) taking his turn in the perch.
DJ Hugel (F)
DJ’s played House music out on the patio throughout the afternoon.
In prior visits we’d try to ascertain DJ names for those we didn’t recognize. With 5 interview booths going simultaneously, it was just too crowded and intense yesterday to keep up! So these are just some of the DJ’s that passed through during our visit.
We look forward every year to see what Nexus Interviewer Ron is wearing!
Philips N.V. (NL) was one of the merchant sponsors this year and had this cool display to check-out.
The Nexus Lounge was bigger and better than ever this year and we greatly appreciate the invitation to observe. For the best in Electronic Dance Music, tune-in to Nexus Radio here. We cut-out a little early to try to beat the traffic but it still took 2 hours to get to our hotel out near the airport! If you’re going to any events this weekend and are traveling via car, take traffic into account because it’s horrendous. Not withstanding, a good time was had by all.