MMW Day 3: Sunshine State Of Bass (Savage Labs Wynwood)

We got home safely on the Brightline train this morning from Miami to Orlando so let’s take a look at last night’s party at Savage Labs Wynwood.
Where the annual “Sunshine State of Bass” event was taking place this year.
There were two rooms of music last night. This is the bar located in the Main Room.
With lots of sofas, area rugs and these shelves, it was almost like being in someone’s living room at home.
The Back room was this narrow corridor with more furniture.
And another bar at the end…..with a DJ!
Here we found an opening set from DJ Beezie (USA).
Every time we would visit we’d find a crowd and dancing going on!
Another opening set was taking place on the Main room stage.
DJ Amber Jane (USA) and DJ Meagann Reefer (USA) are DJ duo Snack Pack 2 (USA). Wowzers!
Of course, Breaks & Electro were the order of the evening!
They are based in Central Florida.
They had the early-arrivers dancing.
Back in the back there was always a crowd.
DJ Hooker (USA) was putting out the beats.
While a shift change had occurred in the Main room.
Mixing both vocal and non-vocal Breaks.
The crowd was getting down!
Those looks you get from great Breaks!
Yuly busting some moves!
Next up on the main stage…..
DJ AudioSal (USA)
His set included a lot of remixes of Top 40 songs such as Bogus Trizzy (USA) hit “Hotel Motel Holiday Inn” and Dua Lipa (AL/GB) hit “Don’t Start Now”, all done to a Breakbeat.
You know Savage Labs is legit when you find a shiny disco ball on one of their shelves!
Back to the corridor.
You never know what you’re going to find DJ JME Recstar (USA) wearing but it’s always great!
She always delivers greats sets too.
And when the bartender lit one of his specialty drinks, she didn’t even flinch! Just another day at the office!
Getting ready to go on stage, DJ Poochie D (USA) and DJ Voodoo (USA).
They would take over just before 10PM.
Poochie D went on first.
He is based out of Lafayette, Louisiana.
DJ Voodoo came on shortly thereafter.
Their set seemed to be on the harder side of Breaks.
Dance floor was getting active!
The Breaks were alive!
Also on the 10PM shift, DJ Medley (USA).
You know it’s a great weekend when you get to see DJ Medley two nights in a row!
Closer to 11PM, DJ Jimi the Genius (USA) with DJ Ashrock (USA).
They would perform in that order.
Together they are Hydraulix (USA).
The duo had the club bouncing!
Spotted in VIP: Storm from DJ duo Brothers of Funk (USA), Sarah of the Sarah-Squared Girls, DJ Keith Mackenzie (USA) and Blog-favorite Go Go dancer Kriss Reign (USA).
We ran into lots of peeps! Some we knew and some were new.
Better Together (front view)
Bass Harmony (rear view)
Snack Pack (front view)
Snack Pack (rear view)
Rose of aerialist duo “Hoopz” (front view)
Rose of aerialist duo “Hoopz” (rear view)
Of course bell bottoms are now de rigueur!
So we had to check out Rose too!
Team photo.
Spotted on the dance floor: Ame with friend.
Bjorn comes every year from Belgium to participate in Miami Music Week.
Spotted up front: Dance vocalist Jamie Blue (USA) with Rose.
Also up front, DJ Bobbybuzz (USA).
Two nights in a row seeing Bobbybuzz play!
This back area had become completely jammed!
When you take DJ Soltek (USA)…..
…..and tag team with DJ HiCue (USA), they become DJ duo Dropzone (USA). But because they were playing behind one of the bars, there was no room for them to stand together.
One more visit to the Main stage at midnight! Analog Hustlers (USA) came on first.
Followed by the famed Electro duo Brothers of Funk (USA) made up of Johnny Dangerously and Storm.
They would take turns playing a song or two each until 1AM.
First time seeing the Brothers of Funk perform live since this show in February of last year at Ace Cafe in Orlando.
All my faves in one place!
Had to cut-out at this juncture since we had an early Brightline train back to Orlando to catch. Would sadly miss Qbert (USA), Exzakt (USA) and Shyda (RA/MEX/USA) but we needed to be moving on. Wow though, another great MMW show and a good time was had by all.