Concert Report: We Я Toys (MegaCon Saturday After Party)

MegaCon wraps up today at the Orange County Convention Center and last night was time for the largest of the three Afterparties.
Taking place in a ballroom at the Rosen Centre Hotel, the theme for this After was “We Я Toys”.
Out on International Drive, traffic was absolute gridlock but we managed to get inside around 8:30PM and was surprised to find this many people already here.
The opener DJ Daggett (USA) was in the ground floor booth.
When you’re the opener you are faced with an empty room and it’s your job to get things started. And he definitely did.
There were some characters already out there to help out!
See what we mean.
His set was mostly EDM bangers and it got the crowd moving!
As traffic eased outside, more and more people were able to make it inside and onto the floor.
Even more off the dance floor at the dozens of standing tables.
And then at 10PM, the opening ceremonies for this 14th Annual Official Afterparty.
The crowd got excited because they knew that meant Go Go girls!
And there they were! They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right!
They also say you can never go wrong with Go Go boys.
We were told they were right.
When it was time to toss-out the light wands, we recognized this one!
Part of Air Dancers, Aerialist Dawn Gluskin!
Spotted backstage later: Dawn with Cecil.
Dawn wasn’t the only one working a pole last night.
Beginning at 10PM, DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA).
Going back-to-back with DJ Evolv3 (USA).
Their set a mix of EDM hits, Old Skool Breaks, Top 40 old and new.
And the dance floor was absolutely packed!
While the DJ’s played, the Go Go girls kept go-going. There were zero complaints.
The show was off-the-chain!
And jammed front-to-back!
A good percentage of the crowd was in costume this year. Wish we had brought more film to capture them all.
Something about this couple grabbed our attention. I think it was that pair of…….eyebrows. Yes, that’s it. Nice pair.
DJ Evolv3 getting the crowd riled-up!
Around midnight the lasers began flying!
They were amazing in themselves.
A couple European acrobats performed during their set and earlier a group of original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had visited on stage. Let me tell you, the producers of this show, Moshi Moshi Productions, spared no expense in creating this spectacle.
If you missed MegaCon or the Afterparties this year, mark your calendar for next year, February 6-9, 2025.
Team Photo: DJ Daggett, DJ Evolv3, Event MC, DJ Jimmy Joslin. They delivered!
What an afterparty! Great costumes, great music, great vibe. A good time was had by all.