Concert Report: Be Kind Rewind (MegaCon Friday After Party)

The second-largest comic book/anime convention in the country, MegaCon, is in Orlando this weekend and last night they held their Friday night Afterparty called “Be Kind Rewind”, themed for the former Blockbuster Video chain.
It took place at Club 3Nine located in the Rosen Plaza Hotel along International Drive.
The Blockbuster Video theme meant everyone could cosplay any of their favorite film themes.
When we arrived DJ Washburn (USA) was in the booth.
The dance floor had lots of additional space but this would change quickly.
The music was mostly older Top 40 hits at this juncture and would head into a lot of EDM hits a bit later.
Do you recognize these characters from your favorite Blockbuster Video films?
Blockbuster…..Wow, what a difference!
Spotted on the patio: DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) and DJ Evolv3 (USA) play at tonight’s Saturday night Afterparty at the Rosen Centre Hotel. They were joined here by DJ Infinite (USA) who was about to take over the booth at this party.
Spotted by the pool: Authors Archer Moore (USA) and Gunner Star (USA)
Spotted in the pool on a chilly evening: Those damn Yankees & Canadians showing off!
There were inside and outside bars so getting a drink was relatively quick.
At 11PM, DJ Infinite took over.
The dance floor had become close to impassable!
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right!
A lot of classic Hip Hop hits in Infinite’s mix!
He had the club bouncing.
People were getting down!
As crazy as this was, it gets even crazier tonight for the Saturday night Afterparty themed as “We Я Toys”.
The much-larger space at the Rosen Centre Hotel gets packed too. Tickets available online or at the door. Hope to see you there!
Meanwhile at last night’s party, a good time was had by all.