Club Reports: Terrace @ Norman’s, Bond Room @ London House, RockPit Brewing

Located in an upscale area just off Sand Lake Road, we began our Saturday night at The Terrace @ Norman’s.
But as last night was to be this winter’s coldest night since last January, just a handful out here on the terrace and it was just too cold to stick around.
They normally have DJ’s playing here every Friday and Saturday night…..but not last night.
Just a couple hundred meters walk from Norman’s is another upscale venue, London House.
It’s not particularly well-marked so look for this London phone booth alongside their driveway.
Mainly a restaurant, there is a separate club to the side called The Bond Room and it’s here where we found DJ Matt Noriega (USA) already on duty. Cover charge to get in is just $100 but considering we’re just a mile from Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill and another few miles from Tiger Woods’ Isleworth, that’s cheap.
Arriving early before the action began, we visited with these beautiful Bond girls!
The bar got busy!
And then the dance floor!
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They…..were right!
The music in The Bond Room is House/EDM. We heard older hits such as Martin Solveig (F) “Hello” and newer hits such as Peggy Gou (ROK/D) “(It Goes Like) “Nanana“.
Spotted by the bar: WOFL TV Fox 35 Anchor John Brown (USA) and WFYY Radio Fly 103.1 DJ Chino (USA).
You can never have too many Bond girls! This place is pretty amazing. We’re told the bathrooms are amazing too but since it’s never a good idea to take cameras into the WC, we did not visit.
There’s a shiny disco ball above the dance floor so you know the place is legit.
It gets crowded here after midnight so we’ll need to return later next time!
Sorry we had to leave but we also needed to check out a mostly-Breaks event happening at RockPit Brewing.
Already in progress, we walked into THIS!
DJ Paranoid Androidz (USA) was in the corner booth when we arrived.
He had the club bouncing.
DJ Paranoid Androidz is based in Richmond.
We had missed the opening set from DJ Braindusted (USA), spotted here with Emily…..
… well as the second set of the night from DJ Berto (USA), spotted here with Katey.
We ran into so many peeps from the Breaks scene!
And then, there he was, the headliner…..
DJ JimiTheGenius (USA)
First time seeing him play in Orlando.
Indeed, the last time we saw him play was last March in Miami at “The Get Down” concert. You won’t want to miss the next one on Friday, March 22nd with details TBA.
More fun on the dance floor!
JimiTheGenius is based in Miami.
Those looks you get from great Breaks!
Thank you to those applicable for the professional courtesies! A good time was had by all.