Club Reports: Swiftie Dance Party @ The Beacham, Wall Street Plaza, Aero Bar, Elixir Bar

Friday night in downtown Orlando and SO much going on. We began at The Beacham, last night home to “Taylor’s Version“.
This is the traveling Taylor Swift (USA) dance party show.
Arriving close to 9PM, we walked into this; people just standing around waiting for it to begin.
And it finally did begin around 9:15PM. And as soon as it did, the dance floor became animated!
The music was delivered by DJ Squeeze (USA).
Not surprisingly, the music was 100% Taylor Swift hits.
And also not surprisingly, it was a sing-along too as everyone knew the words to every song!
We saw several references to someone named “Travis Kelce”. Since we don’t follow Taylor Swift, we really can’t say what that’s about.
We were actually surprised to recognize several songs. It’s likely someone had remixed some of her songs into an EDM beat which is why we knew them.
The crowd was about 95% female. No complaints there.
Patrons were invited to come up onto the stage and dance/sing up there.
Some Taylor Swift songs have a Country twang to them. Who knew!?
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
And we’re pretty sure it was Taylor Swift herself!
Everyone had to get a picture of her!
Dance floor stayed full of Swifties the entire evening.
At midnight, DJ Rincon (USA) took over.
He had the difficult job of following a Taylor Swift set and keeping the audience.
And he did!
Time for a quick visit over to Wall Street Plaza where a stage was set-up.
A live band would be performing.
When they offer free live band concerts on Wall Street as they did last night, the stage is set-up on the Orange Avenue side. When it’s a ticketed DJ concert as we saw a couple weeks ago for Green Velvet (USA), a larger stage is set-up on the Court Avenue side.
Last night’s band was The Smacks (USA). They played soft Rock during our visit such as “What’s Going On” and “Back Seat Lovers”.
They’re based in Orlando and typically play at venues such as Tanqueray’s here downtown or Tin Roof out on International Drive.
No one was dancing but plenty were drinking. We post this picture for our Northern and Canadian readers just to show-off the short sleeves in January look we have here in Orlando.
We were in the area so of course we had to visit Aero Bar.
Where we walked into this!
Friday night resident DJ Cliff T (USA) was in the booth.
Dance floor was starting to get crowded.
The music on Friday and Saturday nights at Aero is 100% House and Dance.
Every weekend, Cliff T is here Friday nights and Dominick Morrison (USA) is here on Saturday nights.
Aero Bar is a rooftop venue so you’re literally “dancing with the stars”.
Those looks you get from great electronic dance music!
Final stop of the night, Blog-favorite Elixir Bar.
While a few people hang-around inside, the action is outside and we walked into this!
Arriving after midnight, the headliner was already on…..
DJ KC Lights (GB)
Dance floor was packed!
KC Lights was pretty animated all night, especially during the drops!
His entire set was Vocal House.
We last saw him in 2022 when he played right here at Elixir. (File Photo)
Party in VIP!
KC Lights is based in Glasgow, Scotland.
Spotted on the dance floor: Aleliya
Spotted at the barrier: Amber
This serves as a reminder that we’re not here for the crop tops and short shorts, we’re here strictly for the music. OK, maybe for the butts too.
DJ had the club bouncing!
Elixir is the place to see the world’s best up-and-coming DJ’s performing. In February alone they’ve got Nala (USA) playing here on the 4th, Wheats (GB) on the 11th, Beltran (BR) on the 18th and Francis Mercier (RH) on the 25th. See the entire Elixir lineup here and enter “Elixir Orlando” in the search bar.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.