Concert Report: LALALAND (Wall Street Plaza)

Special event last night at Wall Street Plaza in DTO as Green Velvet presented LALALAND!
The event began at 5PM and ran until midnight. There was already a queue to get in when we arrived.
As is typical here for ticketed events, the stage was set-up at the far eastern end of the street.
Sheen Boogie (USA) opened the show with a mostly House/EDM set that included recent hit “Nanana
Originally a DJ duo, wasn’t sure if there was just one guy up there last night or two.
Early view. Our only complaint about the show was that the VIP area, which could cost up to 2X the price of General Admission, was in that area to the right while GA got the prime spot right in front of the stage. Why pay extra for that?
Sheen Boogie used to be a DJ duo as spotted in this file photo from 2014 at Tier Nightclub.
DJ Cajmere (USA) was up next!
A lot of people confuse Cajmere with Green Velvet but Green Velvet has a distinctive neon green mohawk on his scalp and as you can see above, no mohawk.
And Cajmere is more on the House side while Green Velvet is more Tech House side.
Still early but already beginning to get crowded.
We first met Cajmere when he played a set at Sound-Bar in Chicago back in 2016.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
Loved these one hour sets! Up next, DJ Ranger Trucco (USA).
Near the beginning of his set, a House remix of Belgian classic “Pump Up The Jam“.
Ranger Trucco has played in Orlando previously at Elixir Bar and Celine but this was our first time seeing him.
Overview around 7:30PM. There was still room for more!
And then the bubbles began flying!
Getting ready to come on at 8PM…..
DJ HoneyLuv (USA)
And she would deliver the set of the night, WOW!
One song after another was booming vocal House music and she never let up! She’s been getting airplay on Dance music stations around the country as well as on Sirius/XM satellite radio.
She had the dance floor street bouncing!
We first saw her play at Skyline Music Festival here in Orlando back in 2022.
We didn’t wander around much last night but did run into several people we know.
All of a sudden it was 9PM!
DJ Layton Giordani (USA) up next.
He got a big roar from the crowd when he played John Summit (USA) hit “Legacy” as well as his own brand new track, a House remix of “Party All The Time”.
The place was now definitely packed!
And it was next to impossible to move about the place.
We first met Layton Giordani on the neonGARDEN Stage at EDC-Orlando in 2019 so this was the first time seeing him since then.
10PM had arrived and there he was, the headliner, DJ Green Velvet (USA).
He opened with Chris Lake (GB) collaboration “Deceiver” (I see your lips movin’ but what’re you talkin’ ’bout?) followed closely by favorite “Voicemail” (Meet me at the club!). Both songs had the crowd singing along!
You know it’s Green Velvet when you see that neon green mohawk! He would play a 2-hr set.
Velvet would also play the show’s title song, “La La Land“.
Packed to the rafters!
What a great show and a good time was had by all.