Club Reports: Debonair, Monkey Bar, The Robinson

It’s Friday night, then Saturday, Sunday, what? Beginning our weekend at the brand new Debonair located on the ground floor of the South Tower of Chase Plaza.
There are basically two rooms separated by the entry area. In this room, most of the patrons were dining.
While most of the action was in the room with this busy bar. The entire venue is upscale.
The booth is near the entry area and here we found DJ AT (USA). The music is Open Format although during our visit light Hip Hop was being played.
This guy on the sax moved about the place, matching beats with the DJ.
While Alexa dropped-by to make sure our drinks were ok.
No one was dancing during our visit but there was plenty of space to do so.
And several monitors on the ceiling had moving disco lights so the potential is there.
Come check out this new downtown option during your next visit!
In the ocean of Hip Hop that is Wall Street Plaza, Monkey Bar is a secluded island of House music.
We arrived to find DJ Duke (USA) in the booth playing Melodic House & Techno.
He had the dance floor bouncing.
We questioned whether one of the tracks he played during our visit was actually Trance, lol.
Since we had first met DJ Duke during a Trance show, it was certainly a possibility!
Duke was taking turns with DJ Derek Fereal (USA).
The House vibe continued. Monkey Bar is located upstairs above Waitiki.
They also have an outdoor bar on their balcony overlooking Wall Street Plaza action below.
Wall Street Plaza is always free to get in unless there is a special event taking place. For instance, tonight DJ Green Velvet (USA) is bringing his LALALAND show to the mainstage with paid admission required.
We know The Robinson is 70’s Disco & 80’s Funk on Saturday nights, but what’s going on Friday nights?
We climbed the stairs to the second floor venue and found this at the bar!
But the fun takes place in their Disco Room which is curtained-off and opened around 10:30PM.
Of course it was empty when the curtains were first opened.
We found DJ Chino (USA) in the booth playing House & EDM.
A lot of House remixes of hits of the past too such as “We Should Be Dancing”, “We Are Family” and “Pump Up The Jam”!
The infectious beats soon attracted the attention of those at the bar and the dance floor got occupied!
And even more joined-in. It gets crowded in the Disco Room!
Not only does the dance floor have shiny disco balls, so does the DJ booth!
Phone a friend!
DJ Chino is typically the Friday night resident DJ at Red Coconut Club in Universal CityWalk but that venue is closed for a few weeks while it’s converted into something else for Mardi Gras. You may recall it becomes the Green & Red Coconut Club over Christmas, the Dead Coconut Club over Halloween and the Cursed Coconut Club over Mardi Gras season.
Dance floor stayed jammed for current House/EDM/Top 40 hits such as Fisher (AUS) “Atmosphere” and Peggy Gou (ROK/D) “(It Goes Like) Nanana“.
Spotted in the booth: Javier Vladimir of Orlando Style magazine.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.