Club Reports: Chillers, Arena Art Bar, Elixir Bar, Barbarella

Rooftop bar High Tide is way up there on top but we began our Saturday night on the bottom at Chillers.
Known for their alcoholic slurpees, we usually get the Purple Orgasm when we visit here but last night went with some Show Me Your Coconuts! Ladies, don’t let your guys get Blue Balls.
It was creamy with small little bits of coconut embedded within.
Long time resident DJ Troy (USA) was in the booth playing Top 40.
It can get pretty jammed on their dance platforms but since we arrived before 10PM, not much activity yet.
The “quality lamp fixtures” of Ann Teague’s Lamp Supply are gone but the “good cocktails” remain at brand new venue Arena Art Bar. That “B” up there reminds us that we’re in Suite B.
As you enter, there are numerous reminders of this once being Suite B Lounge including these center pillars.
These lighted wall cutouts!
And this door to the hallway WC’s!
The opening DJ 5th Dimension (USA) was still on when we arrived, playing Ambient with a hint of Hip Hop.
DJ Kris Kokopelli (USA) would take over next and switch the sounds over to House.
Our old bar is still here, renovated though. Unfortunately, Blog-favorite bartenders Lindsay and Tiffany were not!
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Freeda Sol (USA) with Justus.
Spotted at the bar: DJ Jody Buck (USA) with Heidi.
Spotted in VIP: Jackie
This new venue is called The Arena Art Bar and there are some arena features to it such as these bleachers. The scoreboard from when this was Sportsclub at Celine also remains. The new ownership used to operate the tiny but übercool venue B Nice across from Lake Eola, home to the every Wednesday night “Wiggle“.
Great location and so much potential. Come check it out the next time you’re downtown.
Next stop, another downtown favorite: Elixir Bar.
There was a long queue outside waiting to get in.
Arriving outside onto their famous dance patio, we walked into THIS!
The headliner was already on.
DJ Oscar G (USA)
The patio was packed!
Oscar G had the dance floor bouncing.
His set a mix of House and Latin House.
Less of the latter than we’re used to hearing him play.
Like a lot of old school NYC DJ’s, he was using a hand held earphone for mixing rather than the now-standard pair of headphones.
DJ Jellybean Benitez (USA) of Studio 54 fame using similar during his Orlando visit a few years ago.
Upcoming events this month at Elixir include DJ duo Truth X Lies (USA) this coming Thursday, DJ Bakke (CO/USA) on the 20th, DJ Dimmish (I) on the 21st and DJ duo Catz ‘N Dogz (PL) on the 28th. Advance tickets here.
Final stop of the night: Barbarella. The road and parking lot outside have been freshly paved but the “Clearone Badminton” sign above the door is no longer there! Could an actual “Barbarella” sign be coming?
DJ Rob Bates (USA) was on the decks when we arrived.
Joined here by Lighting/Sound Tech Ernie Plowden (USA).
Although it was close to 1AM, the floor was still pretty crowded.
Barbarella is only open on Saturday nights and the music format is 80’s New Wave and Alternative. Once per month, on the second Friday of the month, they also open for a more gothy evening of dark genres. That second Friday is coming up this Friday, January 12th. Admission at Barbarella is always FREE!
Spotted out front: Ryan & Rain
Spotted by the booth: Angelique & Lee
Spotted on the dance floor: Karen
Spotted on the dance floor: Renee
Spotted on the dance floor: DeAnn
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.