Club Reports: The Arena Art Bar, Elixir Bar, Taco Kat

We don’t often get out on a Sunday night but with a storm moving through town on Saturday night, we needed to get out of the house! We began our evening at Knock Knock, Suite B Lounge, Peek Downtown, Celine Sports Bar, Ann Teague’s Lamp Supply only to find the windows covered and a new name on the door: The Arena Art Bar.
When we were still able to peek inside one week earlier, we could see the ceiling had been removed which could mean we might see a return to a second floor overlooking the area below. We don’t know but we’ll keep you updated.
When the Techno-focused “Sundown Sundays” at The Patio across the street ended several months ago, the House-focused “Sunset Sessions” at Elixir Bar continued so we needed to check that out.
We walked into this on their famous outdoor patio. But with temps in the upper 50’s following Saturday night’s cold front, it never got crowded.
DJ Flashdrive (USA) on the decks playing some non-vocal House when we first arrived.
But he would play some songs with a Disco vibe, one with a Gospel vibe and lots of vocal House selections too! Flashdrive is one of the best!
While it never got jammed as we often see here, it was hardly empty either.
And he had those here bouncing!
And then, there he was, the headliner…..
DJ Prunk (NL)
First time playing Orlando!
Prunk plays all over the world so it was great to finally get to see/hear him play. This Saturday night he plays in Rotterdam and on NYE he’s playing in London.
Next over to Court Street where Taco Kat actually sells tacos and a Sonora Tacos sign hangs over curiously blacked-out windows. What’s up with that?
When you go inside turn left for the tacos. Or in the alternative, an employee will open up that soda machine to reveal a secret portal to…..
Upon arrival, DJ duo Volkmann & Engels (D/USA) were playing Minimal.
Made up of DJ Steffen Volkmann…..
…..and DJ Dominic Engels. Both are transplants to Orlando from Germany.
We were celebrating Dominick’s birthday too.
DJ Chester Aleman (USA) would take over shortly after our arrival.
He would continue with the evening’s theme of Minimal.
Are you all having a good time!?
Spotted by the booth: DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) with Corinn. He is the mastermind behind Sunday nights at Taco Kat.
We last saw Carlos Mendoza last month when he played the kineticFIELD main stage at EDC-Orlando.
Taco Kat was bouncing!
Taking over late, DJ Chad Andrew (USA/D/CZ).
Originally from Orlando, he had relocated to Berlin more than a decade ago but he tells us he just moved to Prague a few months ago.
Chad Andrew at the short-lived Washington Hi-Fi back in the day.
Plenty of great music downtown on Sunday nights so there’s no reason to stay home!
A good time was had by all.