Club Reports: World’s Largest Disco v. World’s Smallest Disco

As you know, just last month we attended an annual event in Buffalo called the World’s Largest Disco.
A crowd of 7,000 patrons packed the Buffalo Convention Center for a night of 70’s Disco. Over on Facebook, that brought about a discussion of the World’s Smallest Disco.
The World’s Smallest Disco was actually here in Orlando and was called Studio 0.00054.
Located just off Princeton Street, THIS was The World’s Smallest Disco.
It was so small, only the DJ could fit in it! Clubbers had to dance outside, lol! Pictured: DJ Matt (USA).
The music was mostly 70’s Disco, of course.
The club’s motto was “think SMALL!”
At both the World’s Largest Disco and the World’s Smallest Disco, a good time was had by all.